Ethiopia and Eritrea

Created by: Ajay Verma


Ethiopia and Eritrea are both apart of the Horn of Africa and are located near the Red Sea. Both of these countries are the some of the poorest countries in the world. Yet they have spent hundred of millions of dollars in fighting between each other and suffered tens of thousands of casualties as a direct consequence of the conflict.

What is the Root of the Conflict?

Roots of the Conflict originated after World War II. When Ethiopia gained it's independence from Italy after World War II, The United Nations gave Eritrea as an award to Ethiopia. The United Nations expected Ethiopia to permit Eritrea considerable authority to run its own affairs. Instead Ethiopia dissolved Eritrea's legislature and banned Eritrea's major local language, Tigrinya. The Ethiopian government also suppressed the culture of the Eritrean people.

The Eritrean people rebelled and started the 30 year fight (1961 to 1991) for independence from Ethiopia.

What is the Form of the Conflict?

The form of conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea, is open violence and tension.

This conflict has taken the form of open violence because of the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea, which has caused more than 300,000 casualties.

This conflict has taken the form of tension because after the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea (ended in 2000) the tensions between each other have been very high.

Where is the Spatial Extent of the Conflict?

The spatial extent of this conflict is between the border of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

How long has the Conflict been going on for?

This conflict has been going on for about 40 years, and tensions between the country's borders are very high to this day.

In what ways has this conflict been manifested?

The conflict has been Manifested by the media, the temporary security zone, and the high tensions between the countries today. As of today the United Nation peace keepers are active in the temporary security zone.

How many people have been affected? In what ways?

About 665,000 and many more people on both sides (of the conflict) have been affected by the Ethiopia and Eritrea conflict. They have been affected by war destroying their homes and land, and food shortages because of the war.
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