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Leeward CC Newsletter April 13, 2016

(CA) Certificate of Achievement in Information Security

You may already be eligible or could be on your way to a Certificate in Information security. Being that cyber security is such a prominent and exploding area of technology right now, this could give you an edge in the competitive job market.

First Semester Requirements

Courses Credits

ICS 111 Introduction to Computer Science I

ICS 170 Ethics for the Digital World
ICS 171 Introduction to Computer Security

ICS 184 Introduction to Networking

ICS 240 Operating Systems

Second Semester Requirements

Courses Credits

ICS 113 Database Fundamentals

ICS 125 Personal Computer Maintenance and Repair
ICS 215 Introduction to Scripting

ICS 281 Ethical Hacking

ICS 282 Computer Forensics

NCL Faculty Coach!

If any students are interested in the 2016 Spring NCL competition, one of our very own professors Peterson 'Pete' Gross has graciously volunteered to be a coach. You should contact him directly if you want to join a team. He has coached similar competitions in the past, and is an invaluable source of information that everyone should take advantage of.


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Castle Medical Center IT Postions

Network Engineer

Primarily responsible for all aspects associated with the installation, maintenance, and planning of local area networks, regional WAN links and related peripherals, and connection to the organization's multiple other WAN/LAN networks. Microsoft Engineer Certifications and/or VSPhere certifications are highly desired. The position is responsible for providing advanced level diagnosis and repair of local area networks, wide area networks, software and related peripherals, and network administration. Minimum 2 year college degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or related discipline.

Link to the position:

PC Support Technician

Responsible for installation and support services for PCs and printers, and includes all aspects of PC hardware and software support, installation and troubleshooting. Must have at least one year technical (desktop support) work experience. A+ hardware and software certifications preferred. Healthcare experience preferred. Strong Microsoft Office and Windows 2000/XP experience is a must.

Link to the position:

IT student assistant position

A recently opened position at University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, that would be exiting to any ICS undergraduate student.

Qualifications Required:

Excellent communication skills. Employee must be proactive and give special attention to details. Must be trustworthy. Must be able to work independently. Excellent judgement in time management. Must be flexible and dependable to accommodate cruise schedules. Must be logical and productive. Occasional lifting of fragile oceanographic instruments (up to 50lbs). Must be able to use PC. Able to use standard lab and shop tools. Knowledge of DreamWeaver is desirable. Ability to use Windows systems, any website maintenance skills, skills with shop/lab tools desired but not required.

Narrative of Duties:

Assist in pre-cruise preparation which includes the following: backup PC computers, inventory control of new and existing equipment, check and pack sea-going equipment and boxes, load and unload equipment onto ship, maintain system documents and equipment databases, data entry. Maintain web pages. Install hardware and software. Maintain lab and office spaces. Assist with maintaining office/computer equipment.

The details of the job can be found on, job number 137202.

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A message from your counselor...

Did you notice that there are 6 different ICS courses being offered this Summer? Summer tuition is $248.00/credit for Hawai'i residents and $357.00/credit for non residents

Register for Summer and Fall 2016 classes is going on NOW!

Dr. Matthew Chapman from UH West Oahu's Information Security Assurance program will be here to share information about the program and how getting your Associates of Science in ICS at Leeward can lead you directly into Uh West Oahu's Bachelors of Applied Science degree in ISA. Don't miss out this Thursday 4/14 in BS 105 1:30pm-2:45pm.

Common Mistakes Made by Community College Grads

As a soon-to-be Leeward Community College graduate (either this semester or

otherwise), there are some things that you should do, as well as some that you

shouldn’t do when it comes to job hunting.

This excerpt was taken from an article titled “Tips For Finding A Job After Community

College.” Here’s a closer look at some of the most common mistakes that college

graduates make.

Common Mistakes Made by Community College Grads

Every year the job market gets a little bit tougher to navigate. To make your post-

graduate job search a little bit easier, make sure to avoid these common mistakes

that many community college graduates make:

  • Relying only on the internet – While many companies have switched over

to online job advertisements, you can still find jobs using the newspaper,

through networking connections, or by contacting a recruiting agency.

  • Being too passive – Even if your community college offers post-graduate job

services, you still need to be proactive about your job search.

  • Using a template resume – Employers view hundred, even thousands of

resumes each year so you need to customize your resume to ensure that it

stands out.

  • Failure to follow up – After you’ve submitted an application or completed

an interview, it is important to follow up! Following up will help the

employer know that you are really interested in the position.

  • Appearing unprofessional – Nowadays employers have the ability to

research potential candidates using their social media accounts. Don’t make

the mistake of posting unprofessional pictures on your page or at least

change your name so potential employers won’t find it.

  • Not using every available resource – When looking for a job you need to

use every resource available to you – this includes the college career office,

your network, even other graduates who might have an “in” at a company

that interests you.



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