Laura Miller

The more you know...

I'm A Student First

I'm a full-time student at PSU. I am working on a double Major in Arts and Letters and Liberal Studies. I also plan to double minor in Writing and Early Childhood Education. I will be pursuing a career in Elementary Education - hopefully as a fourth or fifth grade teacher. Therefore, once I complete my undergrad, I'll be applying to the Graduate School of Education at PSU.

Important People In My Life

Fun Facts About Laura

- I worked for Mickey Mouse for a year in Walt Disney World.

- I have a pet rat named Violet.

- I have a pet puppy named Padfoot.

- I have pet fish named: George, Bill, Charlie, Harry, Neville and Snape (Fred and Draco died).

- I own over 50 stuffed animals (all of them have names - most are named after favorite book characters).

- I lived overseas in Kuwait for a year.

- I get coffee at Dutch Bros 5 or 6 times a week.

- I have a love/hate relationship with computers (mostly hate though).