Friday Coffee Chat!

March 6, 2015


Wow! I am inspired this week! We have changed our mindset and we are on our way to a POSITIVE CONFIDENT SELF! Don't you feel good? Don't you feel like you can take on the world?? It's amazing what your MIND can do and how it can make your feel.

The fears that ALL of us have are only fears...not reality! We learned that this week. We learned that just because ladies say NO doesn't mean they don't like us. We learned that our fear of offering this amazing gift because we are nervous about being pushy is not the TRUTH. We are all amazing! We are GIFTING ladies the opportunity to feel good about themselves. Remember back to the show you first fun was it? How good did you feel when you tried on the gorgeous many compliments did you get when you wore your first purchased piece. That is what we are all about! Making ladies feel BEAUTIFUL :)

Before the fabulous Jen Francis was a stylist I remember getting a message from her. She was having a very hard week personally and while sitting in a doctor's office, someone complimented her on her gorgeous jewels. She messaged me right away and thanked me for helping her feel beautiful. Even during the darkest times, she was able to SMILE! I still remember that Jen! That is what our job is all about. :) :) xoxox

Cheers to YOU this week! Cheers to you IMPRESSING yourself!! YOU are BEAUTIFUL ! You are AMAZING!

Stef xo

Are you ready for DAY FOUR! The FINAL MINDSET DAY??

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March Mindset: DAY FOUR

Today is all about the MUSIC! Everyone needs a good pump-me-up song to get them going and this business is no exception to that rule! I love to blast a great song as I drive to my trunk shows or before I make my phone calls. This is a song that makes you feel like you can conquer the world after listening to it!

So - today's challenge - post your Stella anthem!


Can you guess what mine is??? LOL!

Rihanna - Diamonds
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Congrats to our MINDSET WINNERS!


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Christine Dinger

Margherit Cirino

Elyssa Yuen

Heidi Falls

Welcome in February!

Patricia Mackay

Andrea Boscaglia

Paige Bryant

Erika Espinoza

Season Moran

Cynthia Vail-Lowe

Stacey Burcz

Jen Wu

Melissa Palmer

Cara Memmo

Angela Edgecombe

Amie Pinelli

Carrie McDonald

Katherine Ross

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Well HELLO Top in Sales for WEEK ONE of March! Despite the SNOW, you are rocking it!

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