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- Week One Updates -

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Above: Students in Jillian's counselor group pose at the center of Yale's campus on their first college tour of the program

Time flies...

CAN YOU BELIEVE that we're already approaching the end of Week One here at University Prep? The days are long, but despite the intense academic load (and the equally demanding fun load), the week has flown by faster than we could've imagined.

The major academic feat of the week was of course the completion of our first SAT exam on Monday morning. The kids will take on exam #2 this Saturday morning. After a week of intense SAT Prep class, we're sure to see improvements across the board. The students have also been attending a daily College Prep course and learning about many of the top schools in the Northeast. As we prepare to embark on several college tours in the coming weeks, students are learning all about what they should be looking for on these excursions to assure a successful visit.

Outside of the classroom, what have we been up to? Trust me, there's been plenty of time for plain old fun. This week's TOP 10 activities included:

1) Tie dying
Frisbee golf
Frisbee cricket, or "fricket" as we call it
4) Kickball
Capture the Flag, and other games on our Official Game Night
A lecture from guest speaker Keith Berman
Pool party
8) Campus Shopping trip
9) Group trip to Shake Shack
10) The Third Annual UPrep Scavenger Hunt (hilarious photos to come)



College Tour #1: Yale University

Thursday afternoon brought us to our first college tour of the program: Yale University! Although the students had some time to explore their temporary "home" before this official trip to the Admissions Office, Thursday's info session and campus tour gave them a much deeper understanding of what life would be like as a student at Yale. After a week of College Prep Seminar with Andrew, UPrep's Acadamic Dean, students were prepared for their visit to Yale Admissions with questions galore.

Looking ahead, the group will travel to Providence, Rhode Island on Tuesday for tours of Providence College and Brown University, and Amherst, Massachusetts on Thursday for tours of Amherst College and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Work Hard, Play Hard

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Despite the rigorous academic schedule, the students have been excited to end everyday with Recreation Hour. Kudos to Residence Assistant, Isaiah, for his planning of these daily activities. Pictured above is a group game of Blob Tag on the greens outside of SAT Class.


Sweet Sixteen!

Happy Birthday to UPrepper, Katharine Wu!!!

Katherine's counselor group celebrated her sixteenth year with a fresh batch of Insomnia Cookies and juice at the end of the day. Insomnia Cookies - for those confused by the name - is a late-night cookie shop that has recently become popular on college campuses all around the Northeast. UPrep is fortunate enough to be living only a block away from one of the bakeries. YUM!
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Sooo, what's next?

This Sunday is UPrep's annual trip to SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND! Watch out, Massachusetts - we're heading your way! After taking their second SAT exam on Saturday morning, the students will likely be begging for a full day of fun at the amusement park. Other highlights of the week include the Second Annual UPrep Ping Pong Competition on Wednesday night and a Friday-afternoon Yoga class. Stay tuned for another update within the next couple of days!
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