Triangle ShirtWaist Company Fire

''Don't ever work in a place with no fire escapes''

What Happened?

Back in 1911, an event happened. On March 25th in NewYorkCity in a tall building a fire started. It took place at a shirtshop. One of the female workers put a lite match in a trashcan full of paper and fabric. The fire spread across the whole room. Just because the tables were coverd in paper and fabric, it lite up the whole room. There was only one elevator and about 17 women escaped. Some jumped out the window and died but survived the fire at the same time. The fire killed 146 women because there wasn't any fire escapes in their time. Then the government created a law that all tall buildings everywhere should have at least 15 fire escapes on each side of the building. This law protected workers both Male and Female.

How did it AFFECTED women that followed?

After that law was created other generations of women who have worked in tall buildings work near fire escapes so incase of a fire or if anything else happens. If that fire didnt happen women would be in a high work setting without fire escapes. Now, just incase I work in a tall buisness building, it'll have fire escapes incase of a fire. This event was TRAGIC!


One of the female workers were tired of working in a small room. But they accidently dropped a match in the trashcan full of fabric and paper. Then the fire started.
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

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By: Richard Hodges