BCIT Brief

May 2015, Edition #7

Editor: Mrs. Laura Geltch, Coordinator of Program and Community

Please continue emailing me your stories, photos, and events. This newsletter celebrates our BCIT community!


A Message from Dr. Christopher Manno

Dear BCIT Community,

I had the distinct honor of speaking to the incoming BCIT Medford & Westampton Class of 2019 students and their families during our first annual, BCIT Student Accepted Day Assemblies. Our staff and current students welcomed the newest members of our education community in style, with a warm greeting, applause, and congratulations on making the choice to attend BCIT in the Fall.

We are all students of life-no matter our age, occupation, or accomplishments. This message is for our students: current, future, and past:

1. Do worthwhile work!

2. Serve people and your school.

3. Be positive. Smile!

4. Set goals. Write them down. Check progress.

5. Every day, do something to make someone else's day.


-Dr. Christopher M. Manno, Superintendent of Schools

BCIT/BCSSSD Board of Education Policies & Regulations

The following policies and regulations have been approved by the Board of Education. Please review and reference pertinent policies as applicable.

February 2015


R8460 General Investigative Procedures - 1st Reading

R5111 and 5111 Policy and Regulation for Admissions-Revision (BCIT only) 5120 Assignment of Students (BCIT Section Only)-Revision

Revised 2014-2015 School Year Calendars

BCSSSD change March 25 to early dismissal for students; 1⁄2 day In-service teachers. BCIT change March 27 to early dismissal for students; 1⁄2 day In-service teachers.

March 2015


  1. R0157 Board of Education Website

    R7450.1 BCIT S.O.P. General CTE Inventory and Accompanying Forms 9325 Use of Drug-Detection Canines

    P0134 Board Self Evaluation
    P0152 Board Officers
    P2622 Student Assessment
    P3212 Attendance
    P4212 Attendance (formerly P4211-removed) P & R 3218 Substance Abuse
    P & R 4218 Substance Abuse
    P5465 Early Graduation
    P8630 Bus Driver/Bus Aide Responsibility R8630 Emergency School Bus Procedures

    April 2015


    R0157 Board of Education Website

    R7450.1 BCIT S.O.P. General CTE Inventory and Accompanying Forms

    9325 Use of Drug-Detection Canines

    Strauss Esmay BCIT/BCSSSD policies and regulations.

BCIT Adult Education, A Letter from Principal, Dr. Christopher Nagy

BCIT Adult Education Promotes Future Entrepreneurs & Launches Summer Session

In its inaugural launch, one of the BCIT Adult Division’s newest courses, Entrepreneurship and Business Planning, ended last evening with a panel review of participant business plans, a final project based on prior classwork and planning. Under the leadership of Dr. Christopher Nagy, Assistant Superintendent for Special Education and Acting Adult Education Principal, worked closely with instructor, Mark Remsa to develop a value added course, the skills of which learned could be turn-keyed across all programs at BCIT. Panelists and experts in the field represented an array of support functions, namely, presidents of marketing firms, accounting firms, small business association, Workforce Investment Board and library media specialists from the local Burlington County library, all critiqued plans, provided advice and offered multiple hours of pro-bono volunteer hours to assist participants with advanced plans to launch their respective plans. The participants were very impressed and proud to have access to accomplished professionals who want to see new entrepreneurs thrive. The plan for BCIT is to offer this course at least twice a year.

In the past year, the BCIT Adult Division has launched ten new courses and will offer, for the first time, a summer session. The kick-off will begin in the middle of May with a free course that will conclude with a Career Management certificate. With an increase in enrollment of almost 50% since last year at this time, customization of programs and a focus on development of employable skills distinguish BCIT from any other institution that focuses on career technical education for adults.

Please visit our adult education website at www.bcitt.cc and see our course offerings and related support for employers and apprentices. For more information, please call our office at 609-267-4226.

Adult Education Testimonial: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Business Planning and Sustainability Class

Good Evening Dr. Nagy,

I feel very honored and happy that you are interested in me sharing my experience from the Business class with Professor Mark Remsa.

The Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Business Planning and Sustainability class was the first class that I have taken in regards to entrepreneurship and starting a business. The reason I enrolled in the class was because I have had the desire to venture out into starting my own business for a number of years, but had been doubtful and intimidated of the whole process. I knew that I truly needed to gain a better understanding of what that meant and how to take those first steps and this class did just that. Every session was very important to me, as it provided me with a wealth of knowledge and guidance in regards to starting a business, specifically in writing a Business Plan.

I must say, I initially saw this business plan as a huge elephant, very overwhelming at first. But as I went to each class and applied what I had learned, I managed to stay focused and take it piece by piece. I feel a great sense of accomplishment in completing my business plan, and though it was challenging, I'm proud of myself for having the commitment to follow through with it. I am thankful for Professor Remsa, as well as all the great speakers that took part in our class. They all brought in a different sense of dynamic, as well as expertise in the specific areas to complement and support the overall class goals. I would recommend this class to any individual looking to start or improve their business.

Thank you again for the opportunity.


Welcome BCIT Medford Class of 2019!

BCIT Medford welcomed incoming Freshmen to their Accepted Student Day Assembly on May 18. Thank you to everyone who performed, spoke, worked the Activities Fair, and attended. We are BCIT Proud!

Thank you to our Speakers/Performers:

Dr. Manno, Mr. Parker, Danielle Carrozza, Angel Smith, Christian Rivera, & Jessica Eaton.

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BCIT Westampton Class of 2019 attended Student Accepted Day Assembly!

Incoming students entered the building to a thunderous, welcoming applause from our current students. Presenters included: Superintendent Dr. Manno, Principal, Mr. Venuto, Student Ambassadors: Phantay-Zha and Clinton Asulu, and vocal performers, Briyon Brinson and Tamira Jones.

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Westampton hosts Program Advisory Board Committee Dinner, April 29

BCIT Westampton hosted our semi-annual Program Advisory Board Committee Dinner on April 29. Judy Savage, NJ County Career Vocational Technical Schools Executive Director was our guest speaker. Thank you to everyone who participated, making this event a huge success!
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Skills USA!

BCIT Westampton SkillsUSA New Jersey State Competition Results:
Congratulations Students & Staff on a your extraordinary achievements!
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Car Craft April issue: Freshening Up An 1983 Buick Regal With New Bumper Fillers and a Little Flare

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DECA International Career Development Conference

Five BCIT-Westampton students earned the right to attend DECA’s International Career Development Conference in Orlando, FL, where they attended seminars, talked with speakers and networked with like-minded students. To qualify, they wrote essays and/or successfully presented papers at state-level competition. BCIT Foundation provided financial assistance so that all students who qualified could attend the conference.
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Congratulations to BCIT Medford's Performing Arts Program!

Montclair State University hosted the Foxy Theatre Awards, rewarding the best plays in the state.
BCIT's production of Romeo & Juliet was nominated for 5 awards:

Best Stage Combat
Best Stage Direction
Best Classical Play
Best Lead Actress in a Classical Play - Elizabeth Earhart
Best Lead Actor in a Classical Play - Jahmar Ortiz.

Romeo & Juliet won best Classical Play for 2015
& Best Stage Direction in a Play for 2015.

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Honors to Staff and Students!

BCIT Westampton:

May Students of the Month:

9th – Danielle Ambroise

10th – Jacob Lehman

11th – Christopher Pagan-Greywolfe

12th – Darius Foggy

Student Athlete – Nia Wallace

Most Improved – Upton Fink

Staff – Ms. Musick

BCIT Medford:

May Students of the Month:

9th - Christian Pilawski

10th - Baylynn Galante

11th - Aaron Stollsteimer

12th - Benjamin Taylor

Staff Member of the Month: Diana Archer

Support Staff Member of the Month: Brenda Shinn

BCIT Summer Camp: Sign up Today - limited space available for Summer 2015

We are offering limited space in the following camps:

  • 3D Architecture & Design Camp
  • "All About Me" Cosmetology Camp (Westampton Campus)
  • "All About Me" Cosmetology Camp (Medford Campus)
  • Automotive Technology Camp
  • BCIT News Camp
  • Childcare LEAAP Camp
  • Color Theory-Flowers & Georgia O'Keefe Camp
  • Cupcake Camp
  • Electronic Engineering Camp
  • Electronics Camp
  • Graphics & Animation Camp
  • Iron Chef Camp (West)
  • Iron Chef Camp (Medford)
  • Performing Arts Camp
  • Sports Medicine Camp (Westampton)
  • Sports Medicine Camp (Medford)
  • Sustainable Green Energy Camp

Please submit your Camp Registration Form today--space is limited.

Questions about camp? Contact Mrs. Jill Markley, at (609) 267-4226, Ext. 8204.

NOCTI Testing

Students took their NOCTI (National Occupational Competency Testing Institute) tests late April. The test is comprised of two-parts; an online knowledge assessment and a performance, hands-on test.
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10th Annual Senior Citizen Prom at BCIT

BCIT National Honors Society students escort seniors from two area nursing homes: Masonic Home and Aspen Hills, on May 11, 2015.

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BCIT Medford Honored

Presented to Linda McCardell, during the orientation at the Pemberton American Legion for New Jersey Boys State.
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CTE Spotlight: Advertising, Art & Computer Graphics

According to Forbes Magazine, the top five skills desired in a prospective employee are teamwork, decision making, communicating, processing information and proficiency with computer software programs. On a recent visit to the Advertising, Art, and Design classroom at BCIT in Westampton, students were busy practicing all of these skills. The teacher, Mr. Haney, assigned groups a project to create a stop-motion video. Teams were allowed to use any props they desired to film, but they had to use Photoshop, ToonBoom, and iMovie for production.

One group was busy working on their concept and scenery. While some were gathering materials, others were beginning work. “This is my lake right here,” said Isaiah Joiner, a sophomore, “and this here could be a tree.” Fellow student Christopher Cousart chimed in, “I thought that was a swamp over there.” Between themselves, they negotiated a compromise, made decisions, and communicated desires. It was clear from their ability to navigate these skills adeptly that they are accustomed to working in a project-based classroom.

Another student, sophomore Patrick Campbell, proudly showed off his 3-D animations. “This is my personal favorite. It is a creation from Pacific Rim called Otachi.” Mr. Haney explained that he introduced the concept of 3-D animations and printing, but Patrick took the idea and far surpassed his teacher’s expectations. His illustrations are impressive, as are the 3-D printings that are displayed in the room. Patrick shows how he creates the illustrations with a tool called Sculptris. While I watched, he lined Otachi up on a plane to ensure that his legs were level, stating, “not only do I put detail into them, but I make them able to stand.” This way, when it is printed, it is fully functional.

Patrick loves all forms of art, but sketching, 3-D sculpting, and real-life sculpting are his favorites. Though he isn’t certain what avenue he will pursue after BCIT, he has many options. Students graduating from this shop have a strong foundation for any creative industry, but are especially prepared for advertising, graphic design, illustration, animation, web design and desktop publishing. Patrick feels that his shop is best for people who are really creative. “Being in this shop and being able to create is one of the best things for people like me.”

One thing is certain, any student who graduates from Mr. Haney’s Ad Art class is well prepared to enter an institute of higher learning or industry. In addition to all of their technological savvy, they have the soft skills highly desired by employers and colleges alike.

By, Danielle Hartman

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Westampton Advertising, Art & Computer Graphics students showed off their original drawings. Awesome work, artists!

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BCIT Westampton hosts state Cosmetology Board Testing. Congratulations to all our students who completed your testing!

TEDx Presentation to the Board of Education, April 23, 2015

BCIT Westampton senior, Phantay-Zha DeVaux, spoke before the Board of Education, with a preview of her TEDx presentation. Congratulations to Mr. Venuto and Mrs. Hartman on an outstanding program!
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BCIT Westampton performs Motown

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June Graduations:

BCIT Early Childhood Center: Friday, June 5, 1:30 p.m.,

Westampton Campus Auditorium

BCIT Adult Education: Tuesday, June 16, 6 p.m.

Westampton Campus Auditorium

BCIT Westampton: Thursday, June 18, 5 p.m.

BCIT Medford: Thursday, June 18, 7:30 p.m.
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BCSSSD Golf Outing

Monday, Aug. 10th, 7:30am-4pm

1416 Highland Avenue

Cinnaminson, NJ

Riverton Country Club

Save the date! More information to come!

2ndFloor.org Youth Helpline

In NJ, youth have an anonymous and confidential helpline to call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 1-888-222-2228 to speak with someone who will listen attentively and compassionately to any issues you are facing.

ANY CALL, ANY TIME - we are always here and ready to help.


New Emergency Closing/Delayed Opening Procedures:

In the event of a campus emergency or inclement weather, staff members will be contacted via email, phone message, and text message. In addition, we will post a Special Alert Message on our website.

Staff Members, Help us Contact You.

Have you moved? Have you changed your phone number or email address? Please make sure to update your information with BCSSSD Personnel. A TEST Emergency Notification Message was sent on November 19, to ensure everyone's information is up-to-date and you will receive our future notifications.

Students will be contacted using information stored in Genesis, our electronic student database. Parents should be reminded to ensure their contact information is up-to-date. Any changes should be reported to the main office of the student's school.