Teacher News Letter

Understanding Technological Collaboration in the classroom

What are the benefits of having technology in your classroom?

Classrooms that embrace technology enables the use of more interactive educational tools, which allows for a dynamic learning environment that directly benefits students. Classroom computers are being used for different types of communication. Students are required to be readers, editors, writers and must be willing to collaborate and co-create closely with others. By using technology in classrooms we can aid combat the lecture system of education, which does cater to a variety of learning processes.

Some collaboration tools

A great way for teachers to get involved in your classroom this year is to encourage your students to utilize these helpful collaboration tools. Using these tools will also form a stronger, more interesting connection with your students.

Google docs

  • Having students create and collaborate on a paper, play or other project.
  • Getting students to peer edit.
  • Decrease the use of paper in the classroom.

Collaborize Classroom

  • Allowing teachers to see a writing project in progress so they can recognize where students may get stuck.
  • Editing digital documents. Students can complete a reading and add their observations and comments.
  • Collaborative brainstorm Use docs to help students work together to create ideas.


  • iNetWord boasts multiple subdirectory levels, a lot more text-formatting options, and help.
  • More powerful editing features. More of a web page design
  • Presents a better interface and offer more collaboration tools.

Importance of collaboration

Build relationships- The connection one builds with colleagues are not just good for mental well-being, but instead, they are also good for foundation of collaboration that can increase student achievement. This lays out a foundation for academic success.

Find time to collaborate- Shared planning time allows teachers to collaborate during school hours. With shared planning time, teachers are about to make leaps in planning rigorous for students. Collaborate both in and out of school. Thinking virtually using Google Docs, iNetWord etc.

Share Responsibility- Share the responsibility for planning by dividing tasks based on one's strengths and interests. Successful collaboration happens when teachers work together, sharing the workload, instead of doubling effort.