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In this December 2016 issue:

Hour of Code recap, an email opinion request, a holiday directed drawing video, and Capt. Tech!


Did you participate in Hour of Code? These classes (and more) did!

It is never too late for Hour of Code!

If you spent an hour (or more) last week coding, you probably saw your students problem solve and persevere in a risk-free environment. You noticed their critical thinking, and their plans to address challenges. We want that for our students! Keep coding!

If you didn't have time, or you weren't sure where to start, there is no rule about only coding during Hour of Code week. It is a great "back from break" activity.

The Hueneme Hour of Code site is a good place to start!

Did you participate in Hour of Code? Click here!

How many Hueneme coders do we have? We want to celebrate them!!


HESD Email Exploratory Committee

Would you like to help guide the future of email in the Hueneme Elementary School District? HESD Technology Department will be evaluating options for employee email and would like input from users across our district. We are forming a committee to explore upgrades for our email system.

Certificated or classified-- if you use email, you are welcome to join us!

Share your opinion about email upgrades!! Check this out!!

We would like to get participants from a variety of sites and job descriptions to learn about what options exist and help determine the course that the district takes. If you are interested in joining us, please click the button below and complete the form.


Maybe you are already familiar with Art for Kids Hub channel, but I wasn't, and these 15-20 minute directed drawing videos of a dad showing his kids how to draw are something your students are sure to enjoy! Check the channel for many different projects, but here is a gingerbread man for you to try out...

Thank you Sam Savala at Haycox for the share!

How To Draw A Gingerbread Man (or Woman)


Captain Tech teaches how to submit a ticket!

The evil Malware wants to keep your classroom tech from working well, but Captain Tech is here to show how to submit a support ticket so our tech department can get everything fixed up! Don't just ignore something that is working, or hope you see someone in the hall who can fix it-- submit a tech support ticket!

Episode 5: Submitting a Support Ticket

When something isn't working right in your classroom, our highly-skilled technicians want to help fix it. But they work from a list of support tickets, so make sure to submit one! It is easy and Captain Tech will show you how!