From Wax to Crayons

By: Cambria


Do you like to color? Do you know how crayons are made? Read to find out how crayons are made!


They add chemicals to the wax to make the colors red yellow and blue then they mix to make other colors. Then they bake the wax hours later they out the hard wax and grind it. Then they pack the powder in bags and send it off to factory's.


The powder is mixed with very hot liquid. Then its pourd into molds and is stired soon the wax is hardend into crayon shape. They let it dry for a wile then they wrap the crayons and put them into boxes.


They put the crayon boxes into trucks and bring them to the store.

Fun Facts

Did you know they bake the wax in a oven called a kiln? Did you know they mix it over and over agin so it doesn't come out a different color then the other end? Did you know they wrap the crayons 2 times?


Now you know how crayons are made. keep coloring and have fun.
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