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Important Upcoming Dates

October 12: No School - Diocesan PD Day

October 16: MS Field Trip to Harvesters

October 17: Grade Cards are Available

October 22: Mrs. Alexander's maternity leave begins (planned)

October 26: Mr. Stinky Feet @ 10am (Preschool - 4th grade)

October 29: 8th grade Field Trip to Poe Plays

October 30: PTO Meeting - 6pm

October 31: Noon dismissal, Trunk-or-Treat, Parent/Teacher conferences

November 1: No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 2: No School - Fall Break

The Enchanted Forest Scholastic Book Fair is Coming!

When: October 13-18

Where: The St. Patrick School Library

Open during the following times...

Saturday (10/13) - After Mass

Sunday (10/14) - After Mass

Tuesday (10/16) - 8:00 - 6:30pm

Wednesday (10/17) - 8:00 - 1:00pm

Thursday (10/18) - 8:00 - 3:30

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End of First Quarter Reading Boosters Analysis

Can you believe first quarter has already ended? It's amazing to step back and look how fast the time goes and to reflect upon what went well and what needs to be...tweaked!

This week, our staff spent time reviewing Reading Boosters data and found that we are making HUGE progress with our students in the area of reading fluency. We will continue to focus on reading fluency this quarter, while pulling in the the comprehension element that is needed for so many of our readers.

Students will spend time practicing grade level sight words, reading aloud, building vocabulary, and practicing comprehension strategies. At the end of this quarter, we will review again and constantly look for areas of need in an effort to ensure that every student makes significant progress throughout the year.

How can you help at home? Give your child opportunities to read aloud often. Hand her a newspaper or magazine and have her read aloud an article. While you're cooking dinner, have him read aloud the ingredient list and directions. Ask her to read aloud a book she has been reading, then stop and discuss the plot line. There are many ways you can give your child this fluency practice, which will in turn, help with building comprehension.

If you're concerned about how your child is progressing, ask his teacher what he can work on at home!

Tips for a Great Parent/Teacher Conference

Conferences are typically scheduled back to back, so it's important you are prepared prior to coming to the conference to ensure all of your questions are answered and that you stay to your allotted conference time. It's important to remember that we are all on the same team, working to ensure your child has the best learning experience we can give her. When faced with a challenge, we want to work with you, not against you!

Below you will find some tips to prepare ahead of time.

Before the conference:

* Ask your child how his/her school year is going. Is there anything he/she would like you to discuss? What are his/her areas of strengths? Weakness?

* Make a list of topics you would like to discuss with the teacher. Does my child turn his work in? Does my child get along with his peers? Would you call my child a hard worker? Is there an area where he is struggling? What can I do to help at home?

During the conference:

* Arrive early. It's important that your conference starts and ends on time.

* Ask the most important questions first.

* Stay calm, even if there is a stressful or tense topic.

* Ask for explanations of anything you don't understand.

* Ask for ways you can help at home.

After the conference:

* Discuss the conference with your child.

* Talk about the positive things your child's teacher had to say.

* Tell your child about any plans you and the teacher put in place.

* Follow up with the teacher periodically.
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Yee Haw!!!

Howdy Partners!

Put on your boots with a 10-gallon hat and join us for a cold one and some chow. If you like, bring a bottle of vino for the cork pull at the Boot Scootin’ and Biddin’ Auction.

When: Friday, October 19th from 7 - 11 PM
Where: Old Pike Country Club, 5101 Old Pike Rd., Kansas City, MO 64118

~~~Heavy Hor d'oeuvres Provided~~~

BYOB for this 21 and over parish event

RSVP to Heather Solomon @ or 816-582-5040.

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Mr. Stinky Feet Live!

Friday, Oct. 26th, 10am

1401 NE 42nd Terr, Kansas City, MO 64116

The St. Patrick School PTO is sponsoring Mr. Stinky Feet Live for all school and parish children ages birth - 4th grade! Invite your family and friends to this can't miss event!
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Birthdays This Week

Alumni Helper This Week

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Thank you, Hannah!

And this whole crew!

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Nathan, Francis, Andrew, Diana, and Serena

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Trunk-or-Treat is Coming!

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 31st when we celebrate Trunk-or-Treat with our students. Let's make this a fun filled event for everyone and join us in making the most creatively decorated trunk of the year!
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First Quarter Reflections

At the end of each quarter, it's a great opportunity to sit down with your child and reflect on the quarter. Below you will find some questions that will get your child to think and lead to some great discussion!

First Quarter Reflections:

* Does your grade in each class reflect what you know and are able to do?

* How can we help you be more (or continue to be) successful?

* What can you do to be more (or continue to be) successful?

* If there are any unusually low grades...What happened in this class? What do you need to do to find more success?

* Do you feel like you are learning in each class?

* How are you doing with homework? Do you feel there is too much, too little, or just enough? Do you struggle to turn it in on time?

* Is there anything else you think we should know about how school is going?

* Is there anything you would like me to talk about with your teacher during our parent/teacher conference?

Our Lady of Fatima Rosary Rally

Joining our prayers with Our Lady of Fatima for our country, our world, and our church!

When: Saturday, October 13 at noon

Where: Anita Gorman Park at the fountain on Vivion Road and North Oak

Parking is located on the far east side of the park.

Are we living in the present day Kingdom of God?

Last weekend at mass, Father talked about the "Kingdom of God" and that many of us view it as something we will experience in the future rather than something that is present in our every day lives.

"In other words, God’s kingdom is NOT something we have to wait for. It is right here in our midst – should we choose to step into it, and begin living in it – by thinking a certain way, and seeing a certain way, and acting a certain way."

I love the idea that the Kingdom of God is here in our midst, something that we can find by the way we think, see, and act. It is so easy to get caught up in the negative parts of life...and there can be many negative parts of our lives. It's harder, though, to change our way of thinking to living and appreciating each day as a present day Kingdom of God. Wouldn't it be great, though, if the people around us thought of the Kingdom of God when they were in our presence? When our attitudes and actions bring joy and hope to someone else, perhaps we spread a little of the Kingdom of God each day.

I pray that the students at St. Patrick are surrounded by the Kingdom of God each day when they walk into our building. I pray they see smiling faces and feel love and compassion from the people in our building. I pray that they experience this so often that it becomes their own natural habit to live their own lives as if they are a part of God's Kingdom and spread that love, hope, and joy to all the people they meet. If we each did that, wouldn't that make our world a great place?

If you weren't able to get to mass this weekend, you can always read Father Matthew's homilies on our website at the link below. I know you will be inspired!

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