Albert Einstein

By Carter Loyd

A short Biography of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. As a young kid Einstein attended a school in Germany that would be equivalent to a elementary school in the United States. Here Einstein showed great interest in Science and how science worked. Einstein finished through elementary and went into high school. When Einstein was in high school his family moved to Italy to try and make a better living. Einstein was 15 at the time and wanted to finish High school and stayed behind in Germany. He ended up getting kicked out and didn't finish High school. Finally he finished high school in a small town in Switzerland where his family had moved to. As a young adult Einstein worked at a Patent shop as a clerk. Before this job Einstein had earned his Doctorate in Physics at ETH University in Switzerland. Einstein also tried to find a teaching job in Switzerland but could not. In 1914 Einstein returns to Germany to be a professor at Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. While being a professor here he came up with his General Theory of Relativity(E=mc2). This was an early version of atomic/ nuclear energy. In 1922 Einstein received his Nobel Peace Prize. Einstein's studies and research lead to the invention of many modern tools. Example of these tools would be TV remotes, automatic doors, and DVD players. In the 1930’s Einstein moves to the U.S. and in the late 1930’s he sends a letter to President Roosevelt warning him of the Nazi nuclear weapons race. Einstein continues to help the Science world all the way until his death on April 18, 1955. Einstein impacted the world greatly, from inventing nuclear energy to aiding in the defeat of Germany in WWII with the atomic bomb.
Albert Einstein (Short Bio)


1.) What were some of Einstein greatest achievements?

2.)What was a reason Einstein left Germany?