The Manning Weekly Newsletter

September 25, 2020

Manning Community,

What a great week! I want to thank those of you who attended our town hall meetings on Wednesday. Also, I want to thank everyone for the amazing support you are showing our Manning staff. I received several emails from parents after the town hall meeting extending offers of support and affirmations. Thank you! Also, I wanted to extend an invitation to be part of our parent committees at Manning. I encourage you to attend our Parent Partnership and PTA Meetings. Parent Partnership deals with strategy/operations and acts as a support to the principal regarding timely/future issues. PTA works to fundraise and host community events that support the school and our Manning community!

As you have noticed, construction has started at Manning. For those of you new to Manning this year, we were fortunate enough to be on the docket for a brand new addition that is being built using money from the bond that was passed in the last election. Our addition will include 6 classrooms (2 of the classrooms will be science specific classrooms) and a multi-purpose room. In addition, we are getting our parking lot redone, a fire lane on the west side of the school, and a new and improved entryway to our school. Of course, we will have to make some sacrifices during the construction project, including the closing of our south parking lot to traffic and losing half of our south field to the fencing that was put up last week, but it's going to be worth it!

In addition, a quick reminder that we will have our virtual back to school night this upcoming Tuesday, 9/29. You will be able to access videos of your student's teachers on our website by 5:00 p.m. During this time, you and your student will get to hear Manning teachers describe their course outlines and expectations.

Also, we will be hosting monthly parent/teacher conferences via Zoom or Google Meet this year. Since we can't be in person, we will have to conduct parent/teacher conferences differently this year. Since it is not reasonable or effective to hold parent/teacher conferences for every family in an online format, teachers will be reaching out to families next week and scheduling conferences with certain families, appointment only.

Finally, we know that we have not been able to connect the way we have in the past. We are currently working with StuCo to think of virtual ways to connect our student population!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Stronger together,

Christian Ramaker

Upcoming Dates!

  • September 29 - Virtual Back to School Night Slideshow
  • September 29 - PTA Fundraiser Night 4-8pm (flier below)
  • October 1 - October Count Day
  • October 8 - Parent Teacher Conferences (by appointment)
  • October 15 & 16 - Fall Break NO SCHOOL for students
  • October 20 - Parent Partnership meeting 5pm
  • October 22 - PTA meeting 9am
  • October 27 & 28 - Picture Retakes 7:30-10am both days (mobile mustangs can come either day)

October 1st is our Big Day!

October Count is coming! Please be aware that October Count for this year is Thursday, October 1. Please refrain from making appointments or family vacations on this day. It is imperative that all students are in attendance for this day, as this is how we get our funding for the year. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

No School on Thursday, October 15 & Friday, October 16

Please be aware that JeffCo has a scheduled fall break with no school on Friday, October 15 & 16


Hello, Mobile Mustang families!

Manning has announced the schedule change that will take place next week. Fortunately, this will affect Mobile Mustangs very little. Please be aware that the scheduled times for classes will remain the same, but the days we are in person on Zoom (synchronous) or independently learning (asynchronous) have only affected Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Here is a link to the schedule moving forward. Please print it, make it the homescreen on a computer, or make enough copies to wallpaper your child's bedroom, whatever you think will help you and your child to remember where to be on what day. Here is a link to the schedule: NEW Mobile Mustangs Schedule (v.2)

We appreciate your support of your child and Manning!

Sources of Strength

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I will be the new site lead for Sources of Strength. Let me know if you have any questions about Sources or the campaigns we will be hoping to accomplish this school year.

Adam Crawford

8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

The Manning School of Academics and Arts

Is your student still being marked absent for classes when they are online?

  • Please know we understand how difficult and confusing this can be.
  • We have discovered that the times listed in Infinite Campus are incorrect, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE use the schedule breakdown in the button below. You can also find this on the Manning website front page.
  • Please also notice that the AM & PM electives are synchronous on the days when they are at home. They have live zoom calls or google meets, except for the language arts based electives.
  • Please continue to call your child in sick, for appointments and the like.

Last Chance to Order School Pictures!

  • Picture day ID: EVT4HD8D7
  • View your students pictures and order on line.

Picture Retakes

We will have picture retakes on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 27 & 28. They will be from 7:30-10 each of those days.

If you missed pictures for one reason or another, mark your calendar for these days!

Student Celebrations!

This week in 6th grade Science they made Atomic Models! Enjoy the slide show to see their fun!

Special Reminder!

Please remember to charge your chromebooks each night AND bring your charger with you in your backpack, just in case.

We have a very limited number of extra chargers to loan during the day.


We hope that you and your families are doing well. The Manning PTA is dealing with the same uncertainties as everyone in our communities, but we are working to provide Manning students with the best experience possible. We invite you to join us in our mission in any or all of the following ways, and we sincerely thank you for your support!

Two of the easiest ways to support Manning are by joining the King Soopers rewards and Amazon smile programs. All you have to do is enroll, and the Manning PTA receives money when you shop- and extended and out of town family can sign up too!

  • Please visit to enroll. We are listed as The Manning School PTA, organization #UY407.
  • On Amazon smile, please select Manning PTA in Golden, Colorado, and remember to go to when you shop.
  • Join the PTA! Membership is only $10 per person. In years past, in order to respect the many demands on your time and money, we have asked families for a $100 donation at the beginning of the school year which is the foundation of our annual budget. This money supports various programming (like grade-level enrichment programs), fulfills teacher wish-list items and provides gifts-to-school (like new lockers and smart TVs). This year we are asking families to give what they can, knowing that we are all facing different financial circumstances. Please click here to join and here to contribute directly today.
  • The PTA makes a huge impact via our committees. Through the dedication of our volunteers, we support the Manning Community in a variety of areas and we welcome new volunteers! The following is a list of our current committees, chairpersons and open positions, some of which take very little time and some that are more involved. Further details can be found on our website. .

We are looking at other creative ways to fundraise this year, and to kick things off we will be hosting a series of “Restaurant Nights.” So, enjoy a night off from cooking and pick up some good food!

· Tuesday, September 29, 2020 between 4:00pm and 8:00pm at Chipotle (14255 W Colfax Av, Lakewood, CO – outparcel at Colorado Mills Mall). If ordering in person, bring your flyer, show it on your mobile or tell the cashier you’re supporting Manning School PTA, OR you can order online for pick up and use the promo code E4KVK7J.

· Monday, October 19, 2020 between 11:00am and 8:00pm at Bob’s Atomic Burgers (1310 Ford St, Golden, CO). Order online at, no special code is needed.

Another great way to contribute is to give of your time! We are always looking for more talent and more voices. Check out the Manning School PTA website to find out more and join our next meeting on October 15th at 9:00am (meeting information will be populated on both school and PTA calendars).

Thank you in advance for your support!

The Manning School PTA Executive Committee

Please visit us at and email us any time with any questions or comments at We’re also on Facebook at Manning PTA.

Thank you for helping to make Manning a great school and community!


Changes. They seem to always come. We learn, adapt, adjust, and find a new flow. We may have some resistance to changes- in that moment of noticing your own internal resistance we can pause, take a perspective of interest, and ask where did that come from? Sometimes we find our resistance arrives from a place of protection, we were happy with the old way of doing things, and it would be reasonable to just be tired. And yet, speaking for myself, I must continually be flexible, adapt, and re-form my plans as to how to do what I need to do.

During changes, moments of internal resistance, we can take a restorative approach with ourselves and those who are also affected by the changes. Restorative practices (RP) creates space for all perspectives and experiences so that relationships are developed, nurtured, and healed after a conflict. Jeffco has an easy to use site for families to explore RP: Restorative Practices and Restorative Practices at Home.

I am offering two sources to connect- every other Mondays at 2 pm and every other Tuesdays at 9:30 am. These will be offered on discordant weeks. Options are provided from now through the end of October, more dates will be added once a few meetings have been held. A zoom link will be emailed the night before, or once all slots are filled. Use this Sign Up Genius to reserve your spot.

I will bring topics for discussion; however, we can veer from the prepared topic and discuss what is going on for either your student or our community at large as it relates to social and emotional needs. Topics like stress, time management, anxiety, friend stuff, or everyone’s favorite: puberty.

If these times don’t work and you’d still like to chat, please reach out. I am eager to support and partner with you.

September is Suicide Awareness Month. This week, week 3, is TAKE CARE (Sept 21-25). Explore this Interactive poster for more information. When we take care of others, while it can be life giving and so valuable, we must remember to take care of ourselves. Sometimes taking care of ourselves can lead to resistance. We come up with reasons, many valid, and excuses. There’s no time, food must be cooked, kitchens cleaned, jobs worked, children to support, care for, and encourage. I want to challenge us to think of caring for ourselves differently- it can be small moments. Perhaps, a favorite song comes on right as you're pulling up to your place...pause, enjoy, and take that moment for you. Be intentional in telling yourself that the moment is for you, and when the demands of the world creep in remember they’ll still be there regardless of if you or not they intrude on your personal time and space.

Want some ideas or short guided practices (and poorly told jokes), check out my YouTube page

Below are two outside options for additional learning regarding executive functioning:

@sel_by_gray on instagram

Reminder from our nurse about illnesses

Hello Manning families. I am Erika Townsend, your District RN. I am here to help all of you navigate the start of this school year as well as possible. Let me remind you of a few things you may have already seen in your district emails:

● When school starts, please encourage your students to be respectful by wearing masks and physically distancing. These are expectations lined out in the updated code of conduct you signed in Jeffco Connect.

● Your student will be asked every day “Are you currently sick with a sore throat, runny nose or cough” and have their temperature checked. If they answer YES to any one of these – they are sent to the medical safe room and you are called to pick your student up. If your student shows ANY symptoms of illness, do not send them to school. They will be sent home. I will contact you that day and we will chat about the symptoms we are seeing. If the symptoms are caused by allergies or other non-Covid maladies, we will figure that out. If it is determined it could possibly be Covid (sore-throat, sniffles, cough, fever, etc), we will request a test. If you choose not to have your student tested, we will require a 14 day quarantine as assumed Covid. The same process will take place if you call in your child sick on the absence line.

● I understand this is stressful. Please have a plan B (and even C!) for who can pick up your child if you are working and add those people as emergency contacts in Jeffco Connect. Together, we will get through this!

-- To the parents of remote learners – I am here if you have any questions, and will still be working on getting health plans taken care of for your students who need them. Please know I am here for you too.

This community is amazing and I’m excited to be a part of it! Thank you for your patience and adventurous spirits in wellness during these new and uncharted times. Please email me with questions or concerns at

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The Manning School of Academics and Arts

The vision of The Manning School of Academics and Arts is to challenge all students to work to their highest potential and encourage student responsibility as they develop intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and creatively.