Geyser Globe

February 2016

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Important Dates


8 - Student Council Meeting

9 - 101 Dalmations (Dress Rehearsal for Students Only)

11 - 101 Dalmations Performance, 6PM in Cafeteria

13-21 Winter Recess (No School)

26 - Family Dance

29 - Student Council Movie


3 - 2 Hour Delay for Students

4 - Discovery Days

7 - PTO Meeting, 6:30 PM

11 - Discovery Days

14 - Student Council Meeting

16 - Orchestra Concert, Grade 4, 7PM (Maple Ave MS)

17 - Grade 5 Orchestra Concert, 5:30 PM (Maple Ave), Grade 5 Band Concert, 7PM (Maple Ave)

18 - Discovery Days, Band & Orchestra Concert - 2PM

23 - Airband Rehearsal at High School

25 - No School, Good Friday

29-30 - Kindergarten Screening

30 - 3rd Grade Concert, 6PM

Updates from the Building

Coming Soon - Geyser Gear Sale! We are in the process of designing new, exciting gear to show our Geyser Pride!

Dive Into Reading - Our building wide reading incentive is getting more and more kids excited to read. At our last count we are approaching 5,000 points as a building! We are almost half way to reaching our 10,000 point goal!

Makerspace Update - We have a training with author Kathy Ceceri for interested parents and staff on Tuesday, February 9th. We are in the process of ordering "maker" materials, including craft supplies, Little Bits, legos and more! If you have any gently used items at home that you think would make a great addition please contact Mrs. Moore. The space is currently getting a make over and we are open to "open" in March!

Project Lead the Way - Classes across the grade level are beginning their first units. Kindergarten students have been working on building structures that stand up to the Big Bad Wolf and 2nd graders are experimenting with keeping popsicles frozen! The students are persevering with challenging problems and learning to plan, try, reflect and try again!

Airband 2016 - This year's performance will have 14 acts, including students from all grades and the staff! Tickets will be on sale the week of the event in the mornings and at the door. DVD

Dates for NYS Testing for Grades 3-5:

ELA - April 5-7

Math - April 13-15

Spring Enrichment Programs - Sign up by February 25

A STEM Academy is offered on Saturdays at the Maple Avenue Middle School in collaboration with WSWHE BOCES. The program begins March 12.

In addition, several after-school enrichment programs are offered by WSWHE BOCES beginning March 10 to enhance the educational experience of students. The programs will be held from 3:45 to 5:15 p.m. for six consecutive Thursdays at the Myers Education Center in Saratoga Springs. February 25 is the registration deadline for all programs.

Project Enrich offers a variety of after-school mini-courses for students in grades four to eight.

Language and Culture, also held after school at BOCES, helps students in grades four through eight explore Spanish language and culture.

The STEM Academy, also held after school at BOCES, offers dynamic programs in science and engineering for grades four to eight.

Registration forms can be found by clicking here.

Emergency Release Plans

As a building we continually review our emergency and safety plans. We recently reviewed our plans for communication in the event of the need for an emergency early dismissal from school (ex. an accelerated snow storm). If that situation were to arise the following steps would be taken:

1. District wide school messenger phone call would alert parents that school would be closing early and to wait for contact from your school.

2. Our building team would begin calling each family to confirm their plan for dismissal (regular bus, pick up, etc.)

3. If we cannot contact a family that student would remain at school with a staff member until contact is made.

For those reasons, it is imperative that we have updated phone numbers for all emergency contacts.

In addition, we cannot stress enough that families need to listen to messages that are left by a school messenger phone call. Whenever we use school messenger to call all families we get a high number of callers who missed the call but did not listen to the message. We will also use all methods of communication in an emergency, including phone calls, email and text messaging. Thank you for your cooperation!