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Upcoming Events

Thursday, October 20 and Friday, October 21 - No School K-12

Tuesday, November 8 - Two Hour Late Start

Friday, November 11 - No School K-12

Wednesday, November 22 - No School K-5

November 23, 24 and 25 - No School K-12

December 13 - Two Hour Late Start

Boys Town Skills

Students at Futures are taught strategies to effectively prevent problem behaviors through the use of the following social skills. At Futures, we focus on one skill to teach and practice daily for two consecutive weeks. The skill of the week is listed below.

Skill of the Week

October 17-19

Greeting Others

1. Look at the person.

2. Use a pleasant voice.

3. Say "Hi" or "Hello."

October 24-28

Ignoring Distractions by others

1. Try not to look at people who are being distracting.

2. Stay focused on your work or task.

3. Do not respond to questions, teasing, or giggling.

4. If necessary, report this behavior to a nearby adult or authority figure.

October 31-November 4

Showing Respect

1. Obey a request to stop a negative behavior

2. Refrain from teasing, threatening, or making fun of others.

3. Allow others to have their privacy.

4. Obtain permission before using another person's property.

5. Refrain from conning or persuading others into breaking rules.

7. Avoid acting obnoxiously in public.

8. Dress appropriately when in public.

November 7-11

Showing Sensitivity to Others

1. Express interest and concern for others, especially when they are having troubles.

2. Recognize that disabled people deserve the same respect as anyone else.

3. Apologize or make amends for hurting someone's feelings or causing harm.

4. Recognize that people of different races, religions, and backgrounds deserve to be treated the same as you would expect to be treated.

November 14-18

Disagreeing Appropriately

1. Look at the person.

2. Use a pleasant voice.

3. Say "I understand how you feel."

4. Tell why you feel differently.

5. Give a reason.

6. Listen to the other person.

November 21-December 2

Using Self Control Strategies

1. Saying ABC's

2. Deep Breathing

3. Positive Self-Talk

4. Counting

5. Muscle Relaxation

Physical Education News

Futures students have been busy this Fall doing physical fitness testing. Some of the things students are being tested on include the mile run, push-ups, and curl-ups.

Tuesdays are Health Days in Physical Education class. On these days, students are learning about cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. Thursdays are Fitness Days where students are learning ways to exercise and workout properly to benefit their health and well being.

As they interact with their peers, all Futures students are working on learning the importance of practicing and displaying good sportsmanship.

Core Values

Integrity Doing the “right thing” at all times with honesty and authenticity

Respect Embracing of our differences, treating others as we wish to be treated

Excellence High expectations for all and in all we do and the courage to challenge for it

Adaptability Engaging in flexible, continuous and purposeful change grounded in data Responsibility Shared stewardship of and accountability for our words, acts, choices and results

Engagement Actively participating with a mission-focus and values-driven attitude Collaboration Operating with a preference and capacity for partnership across our community

Assuring learning excellence and readiness for a changing world

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