The Cold War

What caused it to go on

Yalta Conference

A meeting of Churchill, Stalin and FDR to demand Germany's unconditional surrender. Stalin broke his promises later and caused the war.

Iron Curtain

A barrier that sealed the Soviet Union off from the western and Central European world. This prevented western countries from getting to their land in Berlin.


Containment was the United Nations trying to stop the spread of communism. This helped start the war because it was a second side fighting.

Truman Doctrine

A presidential message to Congress that promised economic and military aid to countries threatened by a communist takeover.

Berlin Airlift

An attempt by Britain and France to bring cargo to their land in Berlin. If the airlift didn't happen then the Soviets would've had complete control of Berlin.


A group of 12 countries trying to stop the spread of communism. This acted as the second side fighting back in the war. If NATO wasn't formed the Soviets wouldn't have had trouble taking over.


Almost going to war with another country. The Cold War was an act of brinkmanship because there was no gunfire between the two sides.

Marshall Plan

Europe's recovery plan after WWII. If they didn't recover as well they may not have been ready for the Cold War.