Blue Haze Bulletin

Weekly Staff Newsletter 2/15-2/19

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Collaborating Colleagues!

I am so excited to start off this week's newsletter spotlighting so many great things going on around campus! I feel that over the last few weeks we are starting to try out new things, opening up our doors, and taking risks! In the last few weeks...

  • We've had first grade teachers observe each other's entire Reading and Writing Workshops, and the feedback has been great!
  • Third grade teachers have partnered up classes to co-teach as well as to allow one teacher to observe and learn from another, with all 40 students in the MPR!
  • So many teachers have shared with me how excited their students are with implementing DEAR time and reading self-selected texts! They all say their students are showing motivation to read like never before!
  • Second grade teachers are posting their students' learning to Twitter, sharing out the great things going on in their classrooms!
  • Kindergarten teachers have asked to observe each other's guided reading lessons! They're also graphing their classes' reading stamina minutes each day, increasing independent and partner reading during Reading Workshop!
  • We have teachers working with others in different grade levels to provide more effective targeted small group support for a few of our struggling students!
  • Teams are utilizing the lesson planning collaboration time every other Wednesday afternoon to discuss specific, detailed lesson plans for each day of the upcoming week. With this additional time, we are seeing increases in rigorous/relevant lessons!
  • Teachers have offered to allow us to record lessons to begin growing our BHE online instructional bank!

I want to thank everyone for your GROWTH MINDSET, trying new things, helping to increase each other's teaching capacity and supporting ALL of our students! :)

Every time you co-teach, plan collaboratively, observe, mentor, provide feedback, open your door for recordings or observations, share out on social media and participate in PLCs, YOU ARE LEADING BY DEVELOPING OTHERS!

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The Book Whisperer

Teachers, if you did not grab your copy of "The Book Whisperer" at last week's staff meeting, please let me know so I can give you one on Monday. I am so excited to share this book with you all! If you haven't started reading it yet, start now! It is one of those books that completely changes your perspective on teaching. Some of you have already shared how much you love the book...and I'm so happy to hear that! I have not met one teacher who didn't absolutely love it--any content area, any grade level, K-12. I would like everyone to have the book completed before the end of this school year. We will revisit this book during an end of year PD.
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Professional Reminders

  • Lesson plans should be posted by 7am each Monday.
  • Be sure your website is updated.
  • Send weekly team newsletters out by Friday afternoons.
  • Post PLC Agendas by Wednesday afternoons.
  • Be mindful of printing volume.
  • Begin spring cleaning in your classroom.
  • Meet with your fourth grade writing buddy each week.
  • If you are out, be sure 1: Jim & I know and 2: Someone is covering your duty.
  • Small group instruction should occur daily during RW, WW and MW.
  • Utilize your "No New Instruction" time for additional small group instruction.
  • If you have concerns with custodial services, please let Mr. George know ASAP.
  • If you have questions or concerns about ANYTHING, please let me know so admin can help! Pop by my office anytime or send an email to set up a time to chat. If we aren't aware, we can't support! :)
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Teachers, thank you for taking the time to offer two tutoring sessions each week for your students. Tutoring times should be utilized for small group remediation or intervention with the students. This does not mean putting students on an iPad program for 30 minutes. If you are tutoring students in a small group and you have opened up your tutoring sessions to other students who will benefit from additional MobyMax, Reflex Max or IStation time, that is great! However, the students you are inviting to tutoring, the ones that truly need your additional support, should be receiving instruction from the teacher, not an iPad. I do believe that the technology programs we have can be beneficial to students, but they do not replace quality teacher instruction. If there was a computer program out there that was more successful at remediating students than an effective teacher, we'd all be out of a job. The effective teacher has the highest impact on student achievement...not a computer program. If you are struggling with how to move your tutoring students, now is the time to talk with our interventionists, IC's, admin or your colleagues. It takes a village! :)


I challenge each of you to share your students' learning online at least once each day this week! Imagine if each BHE teacher shared one photo/video each day of their students' learning, and at the end of the day we all had a glimpse into every one of our classrooms! Social media is a GREAT way to learn from one another and it's accessible on your own time! Try sharing at least one great piece of learning each day via Twitter...exemplar journal entries, celebrations, great student quotes, rigorous tasks, etc.! Twitter is a great platform for your own professional development, and there may be some teacher incentives for those of you who are stepping out of your comfort zone and using social media! :) Tag @SarahDeslatte or #BHEBears!
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Upcoming Dates

Monday 2/15 - 2/19: Choose Kind Week

Wednesday 2/17: Perryman's Baby Shower, MPR, Heart Awareness Day/Wear Red and Jeans OR Warm-Up Wednesday

Thursday 2/18: Grade Level PLCs, Team Lead Mtg 3:10

Monday 2/22 - 2/26: Book Fair

Wednesday 2/24: BHE Instructional Rounds, Staff Mtg 3:05

Thursday 2/25: Grade Level PLCs, Family Reading Night 6:00-7:30, $1 Pajama Day (ELA Alignment Mtg RESCHEDULED)

Friday 2/26: Campus PD Day

Thank you!

I'd like to send out another big THANK YOU to our TA's and staff members who support our teachers and students each day. There are several staff members who are able to adapt to daily changing schedules and needs, and they perform multiple duties for multiple people on a daily basis--all while keeping an amazing, positive attitude! Staff members will often text or pop by asking what they can do with their few moments of free time they have that day! This proactive attitude and strong work ethic is so needed, and appreciated! Achieving excellence in any organization takes the hard work of the entire staff. Thank you to our teachers, TA's, secretaries and custodians for all that you do each day!
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Have a wonderful week!