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June 18, 2016

Team Updates, News and Notes from Heritage Flex Academy

Hello Heritage Flex Founding Teachers and Support Staff!

It was another busy week at Heritage Flex! Thank you for being patient with me last week as I took a little longer to respond to your calls and emails. My son graduated from high school last Thursday night, and we hosted family from Colorado and Oregon at our home for several days.

We have one more teacher to add to our team, 6th grade. Wish us luck in the next two weeks as we carefully search and recruit for this final person to join you. As you know, the hiring process has been excruciatingly slow and intentional that way. We feel the need to take extra care in building this first founding team of staff, and I believe every single one of you brings something unique and special to the team. At the end of the summer, I expect to look at the group and know that we did the very best we could in hand selecting the Heritage Flex founding staff.

With Appreciation,

~Sandi Knapp

P.S. Please keep news shared in our team newsletters within our team.

Staffing Update

Welcome Audra Catlett, Carol Briggs and Sandy Nichols!

Please join me in welcoming Carol Briggs, Audra Catlett, and Sandy Nichols to the team!

Carol Briggs will be our 2nd grade teacher and is a veteran teacher with teaching experiences at Escondido Christian and at Rincon Middle School. Carol has been in the classroom for over 30 years both as a teacher and an active parent, and has a great understanding of what a successful classroom looks like and is dedicated to supporting parents in their mission to educate their children.

Audra Catlett will teach 4th grade. Audra completed her multiple subject credential and student taught in 2nd grade, and has been working as Director of a preschool in Poway for many years. Audra brings a deep knowledge of child development and experience working closely with parents to the Heritage Flex team.

Sandy Nichols will be our 7th and 8th grade math teacher. Sandy taught middle school math in Valley Center schools and is excited to join our team and teach Saxon to our middle school students. Sandy thrives in a setting where she can build rapport with her students and provide individualized math instruction.

Administrative Assistant/Principal's Secretary

This position is still open but we hope to get a candidate started the first week of July.


We are still interviewing for a 6th grade Core Classroom position. The position is posted on EdJoin: https://www.edjoin.org/Home/Jobs?stateID=24&countyID=37&districtID=2743&searchID=182354. Feel free to share the link with with anyone you know who may be interested, but please don't share this newsletter in its entirety.

Heritage Flex Academy Staff as of 6/17/16

Kindergarten - Jeannie Miller

First Grade - Jill Thomas

Second Grade - Carol Briggs

Third Grade - Kelsey Gunneman

Fourth grade - Audra Catlett

Fifth Grade - Tanya Coe

Sixth Grade - TBD

Seventh/Eighth Grade Humanities - Kelly Beck

Seventh/Eighth Grade Math - Sandy Nichols

Academic Advisers

Christina Earwicker

Heidi Fikse

Marsha Keating


We will order your computers July 1.

New Teachers Email Set-up

*Please send Sandi an email from your new echs.org account once it is set up to let us know, and we will discontinue sending emails to your personal address at that point.

The following is from tech support. Once your new user account is set up, follow these steps:

The email address and user name will consist of the first initial in their first name and their entire last name. The default password for both accounts will be Tigers*1. An example can be found below:

Sandi Knapp
Username: sknapp
email: sknapp@echs.org
password: Tigers*1

A new user would log into their email through gmail.com. They would need to supply the full domain example@echs.org Then input their temporary password.

During your first login you will be asked to change their password. Password length should be 8 characters long and there should be a combination of at least one capital letter/lower case letters/ symbols/and numbers.

If you experience any issues in regards to this please let us know.


Enrollment Update

As of Friday, June 17, we have 150 students registered. I am working on adding approximately 10 more students to the total enrollment, and new families continue to add their name to our waiting list every day. Please direct friends to heritageflex.org for info. on our school and to get on the waiting list.

These numbers change every day as families request a change to their schedule, so please don't hold me to this, but I wanted to give you a picture of how class sizes are lining up. New students will be added to the grades and program with the lowest number, by priority of when they added their name to our waiting list.

Please be assured I am making every effort to balance your classes and I may need to call families later this summer to rebalance, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

This information is current as of June 17, 2016:


Tuesday/Thursday = 8

Wednesday/Friday = 8

1st Grade

Tuesday/Thursday = 11

Wednesday/Friday = 8

2nd Grade

Tuesday/Thursday = 5

Wednesday/Friday = 8

3rd Grade

Tuesday/Thursday = 11

Wednesday/Friday = 7

4th Grade

Tuesday/Thursday = 15

Wednesday/Friday = 8

5th Grade

Tuesday/Thursday = 8

Wednesday/Friday = 6

6th Grade

Tuesday/Thursday = 16

Wednesday/Friday = 5

7th Grade

Tuesday/Thursday = 8

Wednesday/Friday = 4

8th Grade

Tuesday/Thursday = 10

Wednesday/Friday = 4


We are placing orders on July 1. We will get book samples to all of you as soon as we are able so you can start planning . Your curriculum leads are Marsha Keating and Kelly Beck. I want to thank these teachers for all of their hard work mapping curriculum, calling vendors, and researching, researching, researching. Decisions are still in process on some of the details, but we have the core curriculum selected. Please stay tuned for more specifics in the next two weeks.


All of the interior walls are framed up and we are waiting on the dry wallers to finish. The classrooms are taking shape but it will be several weeks before we can move in. Carpet and paint will be last, although I am excited to report the exterior is half-painted and it is BEAUTIFUL. Our architect Ken Erickson compiled a palette of natural colors for the exterior walls and trim, and complimentary colors for the classroom doors. Each classroom door will be a different and distinct color. Please do a drive by soon! Sandi is onsite multiple times per day overseeing the project, so please text me if you are in the area and we can take a brief trip down the block to see your future classroom space.

Leadership & Inspiration

Thank you for trusting the process as we open Heritage Flex. I can't wait for the team to all meet and get to know each other. I want to encourage you to support each other, talk with each other, talk with me or with Shawn when you have questions or concerns, and most of all, let's enjoy this time of growth and change and build something new together as a team.

With love and respect,


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Looking Ahead

Parent Coffee Chat & Updates

Thursday, July 21st, 6:30pm

1868 East Valley Parkway

Escondido, CA

We have tentatively scheduled a meet 'n greet, book chat and Q & A for registered families on Thursday, July 21 at 6:30 p.m. We have not publicized this date to parents yet, so for now please pencil it on your summer calendar and we will let you know when the planning is finalized. This meeting is optional, we respect your summer vacation, but we would love to have you join us if you are available.

New Website Progress!

While it is by no means ready for public display, take a look at the beginning stages:


We are open to feedback on what essential elements you would like to see included in our school website.

*Please note, the url will be heritageflex.org (not .info) when we are ready to launch.

Please Complete the Summer Contact Form (New Teachers)