Why you should go to china

many astounding things you want to see.


China has many beautiful things throughout its landscape and in my opinion I found the most interesting and breathtaking things in China. With all of its land forms, tourist attractions and China's history. With mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, leaders, and etc. I hope you find them interesting too, and suggest you go.
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A beautiful setting in a movie has been based on an astounding place in china. This place is called Zhangjiajie, and If you have ever seen the movie avatar and you remember the Hallelujah Mountains this is what it was based off of. There are giant pillars in the park made of Limestone. This park has a grand total of around 3100 pillars. Some of the largest pillars in the park are about 800 meters tall. China’s highest elevator is at this park it takes you up to a peak about 326 meters tall the elevator is glass so you can take in the breathtaking view. The elevator is called the Bailong elevator. There are all sorts of cable cars that can bring you to different summits for different views. There are also five entrances to the park so the park is very accessible. I would recommend the park at sunset because the view of the sunset is probably unbeatable.
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ZhangJiaJie Glass Elevator


What is the prettiest place you have been to? Because the Jiuzhaigou national park is sure to be it. Other people think just the same that this place has earned the nickname fairyland, with all of its waterfalls, the 108 turquoise lakes that are so clear you can see the bottom of most all of the lakes, also the snow covered mountains earn this place a nickname of this caliber. Also, this place has a large assortment of wildlife, it is home to the endangered giant panda. It also has 140 different species of birds. There is an animal called the Dukes of Bedford vole that is only found in three locations and this is one of them. This park is made up of three different valleys and lies on a major fault line. What makes the lakes so clear is a high concentrate of calcium carbonate. Also, in the fall the trees turn orange yellow and brown creating an amazing display of scenery. This place truly is spectacular.
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Natural Wonders - Five Flower Lake (China)

Hanging Monastery

Around the world there are breathtaking structures but, in china there is a place called the hanging monastery built on a cliff. This building is not just sitting down at the bottom of the cliff this sits 75 meters high. There are also 40 rooms! It is not a modern structure either it was built about 1500 years ago and still stays there. It is not just a cool place to be there are 78 beautiful statues and carvings inside the structure. If you are wondering how this structure was built the people who built it drilled holes in the cliffside, then they put poles in the holes to support the structure. This place has had many extensions and repairs so don’t worry about falling. Overall it is a great tourist attraction that I suggest you visit.
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Qin Shihuangdi

The earliest civilizations of china had many different rulers. One of the most known rulers of ancient china history is Qin Shihuangdi. He was one of the few rulers to unify china. Qin ruled for 15 years between 221 BC-206 BC and he was obsessed with immortality. He planned to build the great wall of china in his rule. Qins name means the first emperor of china, and while most leaders take the throne at an older age he was only 18 years old after his father died. Qin also set up construction for the terracotta army to protect his tomb, another popular tourist attraction. Qin was a fierce ruthless leader that buried 460 scholars alive because some of them didn’t agree with him burning books, but This is one of the most well known people in china’s history due to planning famous structures and tourist attractions. Qin Shihuangdi tomb is on Mt.Li
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Han dynasty

About the earliest civilizations it is not just one person it is a group of people that have carried on a legacy which is called a dynasty. One of the most well known dynasties of china is the Han dynasty. One of the reasons is it is the longest lasting imperial dynasty in china ruling for 4 decades. There is a well known emperor named Wu who is said to be the greatest ruler in china. Confucianism was the state of ideology of the Han dynasty Confucius was the person who made confucianism was one of the most well know people in Chinese history. At the time when the Han were ruling was a time of what most people call the golden age of china. The Han dynasty was divided into two parts during its rule. This is one of the most well known dynasties because of its long lasting and stable rule.
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The Great Wall of China

What more to say than the great wall of china the name fits perfectly. The great wall of china is china’s main tourist attraction bringing around 10 million people to visit it a year. The wall is so big that with a little bit of aid you can see it from space. The great wall of china’s nickname is the longest cemetery in the world because, over 1 million people died building the wall and were buried inside. The great wall of china is so gargantuan that in some areas you can drive a car on the bridge safely. If you ever want a good workout this is a good place being 5500 miles long. Although, there are many tourists on the great wall at most all times so space is fairly limited. In china there was a period called the cultural revolution were people took bricks from the great wall of china to build houses. To keep the bricks together they used glutinous rice flour to stick the bricks together. If you ever want to go to an amazing place that has great views and astonishing structures china is the place to go.
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