Animal Testing

A cruel practice which MUST STOP

Hundreds of animals are abused and tested on.

Every day, more animals are tested on with cruel chemicals and cosmetics to make sure they are safe for human use. While this may help humans, it causes these animals to live in constant fear of humans, and develop genes that will harm their offspring.

And your family might be paying for it.

Some taxpayer dollars are sent to government organizations who use some of their budget on testing animals. Here's how you can help. Simply spread the word! The more people who know about the tests that are being performed, the better! If you'd like to go even further, PETA is an organization devoted to the ethical treatment of animals. PETA takes donations, as well as organizes many ways in which you can stop paying for animals to be tested on.

No bunny should DIE for beauty

Spread The Word!

People all around the world are trying to end animal testing.

There are organizations which seek to end animal testing in almost every country, yet why hasn't it been outlawed yet? Solely because many organizations thrive off of testing animals to test their products, so unless EVERYBODY opposed to it stands up and says something, it is very unlikely anything will happen.