Edwin Powell hubble

by tyler

Edwin Hubble

who was

Edwin hubble was born in 1897 he died in 1957 he was 60. he helped find the cosmos. in a team of astronomers that considered the stars. he is a missourian he is from marshfield. he was 8 when he got a telescope from his grandpa.

what did Edwin hubble do?

he found that stars are in a different galaxy. he studied in astronomy for over 25 years. he went to college in England for 5 years. but his dad died so his mother went in to det. so he had to help. then became a teacher in astronomy. for a while and needed more money so he also started teaching algebra.

impact on the world

he changed thoughts for ever. by discovering the cosmos which is all of space stars. so he basically started from a birthday present.

extra info

his dad is John powell hubble his mom is Virginia lee james his wife is Grace burke