Asking price: 2.45 billion U.S dollars

Saturn details and deals!

If you make the first offer we will give you a free oxygen mask and we will throw in 2 ski passes to Outer Ring ski slope!! Do you love the cold weather? Then come to Saturn! It is the sixth planet from the sun and is located 1,434,000,000 km away from the sun, Saturn neighbors Uranus and Jupiter. Saturn has a massive size of 120,536 km in diameter and has a total of 7 ice rings each 250,000 km in diameter! The average temperature is -288 degrees Fahrenheit so pack accordingly because this season will last for the next 7 years!!!

Learn more about Saturn!!!

Each day on Saturn is 10.7 Earth hours or 10 hours and 40 minutes! Saturn has a tilt of 27 degrees. Each year is 29 Earth years! Did you know that the surface gravity on Saturn is 10.44 m/s. Saturn has 62 moons!!!! The main moon being Titan. As of 2010 there were 62 named satellites and it has the largest rings in the solar system!!

Come to Saturn the cool planet!!!!!