Beijing is the capital of china

Map of China

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Summer lasts 120 days from May 15 to September 15.Beijing is hot and rainy is summer especially in July and August,these two months are the hottest and has the most rain for the year.


Winter lasts 120 days from November 15 to March 15.Winter is long and cold and has short days ,dark by 5pm.


Autumn lasts 60 days from September 05 to November 15.Beijing is foggy and has cloudy days but with the blue sky and the colourful leaves it is a lovely lace to visit.


Spring lasts 60 days from March 15 to May 15.Spring still has chilly days in March.Warmer Spring ususally starts early April.Generally Beijing is dry and windy in Spring.


January; average day 2 degrees

average night -9 degrees

rainfall 0cm

February: average day 4 degrees

" night 7 "

rainfall 1cm

March : average day 11 degrees

" night -1 "

rainfall 3cm

April : average day 20 degrees

" night 7 "

rainfall 3cm

May : average day 26 degrees

' night 13 "

rainfall 3cm

June : average day 31 degrees

" night 18 "

rainfall 7cm

July : average day 33 degrees

" night 22 "

rainfall 18cm

August: average day is 32 degrees

" night 20"

rainfall 18cm

September: average day is 26 degrees

" night is 14 "

rainfall 5cm

October: average day is 19 degrees

" night is 7 "

rainfall 2cm

November : average day is 10 degrees

" night is 0 "

rainfall is 1cm

December: average day is 3 degrees

" night is _7 "

rainfall is 0cm


Population = 22,000,000


Buddhism, Confucianism, Tasion , Christianity, Muslims

These are five main religions in Asia

Customs and Beliefs

The Chinese use chopstick to eat. They always celebrate Chinese New Year or the Spring Festive and these are very big traditions.


These are some Asian languages Mandarin, Cantonese ,Hakka, Wa , Min ,Xiangn and Gan

History Highlights

Opium War 1840 to 1842

The British Defeated the chins and south china and force terms of 'treaty of Nanjing'

World War 2 in east Asia begins with the 'Marco Polo Bridge Incident'. ( 7/7/37 )


Economy of china it has been a country of poverty up until the 1980s where there has been a improvement of living standards.


Education in china is a state run system of public education run by the ministry of education.All citizins must attened school for at least nine years.Education is highy valved in china.


China is the only country in the world that there traditional medicine is the western medicine.In 2005 they overhauled its health system and made health care more afforable for the rural poor. The average cover costs $14 per person China has the longest recorded history of medicine records.

Living Conditions

Living conditions vary greatly in China

Natural Resources

China has many natural resources many are land resources water,climatic,biological and mineral resources. China has rich natural resoureces.These include titanium ,zincand magnesite.

Environmetal Issues

China has many environmental issues.These include biophysical environment issues and human health.China has 16 out of 20 polluted cities of the world.

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