2MU News

Week of May 16, 2016

Highlights of Our Learning


  • Our Journeys selections was entitled, The Dog That Dug for Dinosaur Bones.
  • We focused on learning how to depict facts and opinions
  • As a class, we read a Read Aloud was entitled, Epperson's Icicle. We learned that Frank Epperson accidentally discovered how to make the first Popsicle. As a class, we made our own popsicles using apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, a popsicle stick, and a plastic cup. Once our frozen popsicles were ready, we enjoyed eating our tasty treats at the outdoor classroom on Friday! Check out the photos below.


  • We completed our Buddy Biographies
  • During Writers' Workshop this week, we revisited the important elements of writing a Small Moment Story. We learned that all Small Moment Stories should contain:
  1. A good HOOK ~ Making our readers want to read our story. Start with action, a questions, or set the scene.
  2. Write long and strong story details about 1 important event.
  3. Include dialogue, action, Show, Don't Tell, and juicy words
  4. End by recalling part of the beginning of the story and lots of good feeling sentence to make the reader want MORE!
  5. Do your best to spell correctly AND write complete sentences by using capitalization, punctuation and complete thoughts.

  • We played charades to act out various actions and words using Show, Don't Tell!


  • We practiced using expanded form and subtraction using base-ten blocks
  • During Math, we learned how to use the Trade-First Method to subtract 2 digit numbers from 2 digit numbers
  • We learned a song to help us remember when we need to "Trade First" before subtracting

" More on the top ~ No need to stop

More on the floor ~ Go next door and get 10 more

If the number is the same ~ 0's the name"


  • Many of our butterflies have emerged from Chrysalis stage
  • We learned more about the painted Lady Butterfly and completed activities focusing on the Chrysalis Stage

Other Activities

  • We attended our School Community Meeting
  • On Thursday evening, we had Lizzy Haddon's Open House. Thank you to all who attended and left "compliments" for the students...they were so happy to read your messages.

Math Centers~ Subtracting Using Base-Ten Blocks

Writers' Workshop ~ Completed Buddy Biographies

Reading ~ Inspired by Frank Epperson ~ Enjoying Our Homemade Popcicles

Science ~ Our First Painted Lady Butterfly to Emerge

More Painted Lay Butterflies Emerged ~ Still Waiting for a Few More!

"Here's the Scoop" by 2MU Reporters


By: Brooke

This week in school we made Popsicles. The kinds of Popsicles were Apple juice, orange juice,and grape juice.I picked grape juice. l think l picked a good flavor.Grape juice is awesome.


This week in school we made Popsicles. We put juice in a cup and put a stick in.

We put foil on so the stick wouldn't fall out. Can’t wait to enjoy!

By: Abby


By: Adam

This week in school we made Popsicles

First we put grape juice,Apple juice,or orange juice.Then we put sticky paper over the cup.Next we put a hole in the paper and put the Popsicle stick in.Finally we put them in the freezer.

Can’t wait to eat my tasty treat!

Pretty Butterflies

The best part of my day was when the butterflies came out of chrysalis.

I named my butterfly cataciller.

My cataciller is back,Oregon,and white.

When he was in a chrysalis I wished he could be out now.

By: Brody


We read a book about a boy named Frank Epperson who was stirring a fruity drink with a wood stick and he was called in for dinner and left his drink outside and when he went to sleep the temperature dropped at 32 degrees and when he woke up and remembered about the drink so he went outside and his drink was frozen it was a Popsicle that is how we got the idea to make a homemade Popsicle.l hope you want to make your own!


By Emma

This week we read about Frank Epperson. His story was about one day he was making a fruity drink and then he left his drink outside and in the morning he remembered and that is the invent of the Popsicle. And we got to make are own to eat on a hot day.


By Erik

This week in school we made Popsicles. We had 3 flavors to chose from: grape, apple, and orange. We were making popsicles because we read a story about an 11 year old who invented the Popsicle by accident! One night he was mixing flavored powder in water. He got distracted and never got to try it. That night there was big snow storm and the drink froze. The next morning he grabbed the cup, pulled out the block, and licked it. He called it the Epperson icicle. After a few name changes it ended up with the name Popsicle. That's how the Popsicle was invented!

Buddy Biography

This week in school we did buddy biographies about people you don't really know that much.

We drew a picture of our buddy after we finished our good copy of that person.

You are suppose to glue your good copy on your person.

They were up at the open house.

By: Jayden


By:Jack McKeever

This week in school we saw our butterflies in netted cage.

Our butterflies will emerge this afternoon or night

The top of the class butterfly emerging is (drum roll please!!!)Mrs.Grimenstein!

One fact about the butterflies is they will lose their helping legs and keep their true legs.

They will be Painted Lady Butterflies.



By: Jack McKeever

This week in school we made Popsicles.

We didn't just make them like any normal person,

We made them like Frank Epperson.

Frank Epperson invented the Popsicle.

He did it like this:First he was mixing powder and juice.

Then he accidentally left it outside on a cold cold night.

The next morning he pulled the stick out and what do you think he saw

A Popsicle!!!!

That's how the Popsicle was invented.

And now we're making our own Frank Epperson Popsicles.


In Science we looked at our caterpillars. Katie was turning into a butterfly! Some butterflies were emerging from their chrysalis. Eric called Katie, Bill. I said “Eric, it’s not Bill, it’s Katie!” Butterflies make me smile!

By: Jaxon

Popsicle Time

One day in school we read a book about Frank Epperson.

We learned how he accidentally made a popsicle by leaving it outside in the cold.

We started to make our own popsicle.

We had to choose from grape juice,apple juice, and orange juice.

I chose the grape juice.

I think today we're going to eat them.



By: Kai


!!!!!It emerged!!!!!

THis week in school our butterflies emerged!!!!

Blake’s caterpillar was the first one to be a butterfly in this class.

Did you know that Dominic’s Caterpillar almost fell down!??!

Luckily he turned into a butterfly the next day.

(Kai)my butterfly did not become a butterfly. My caterpillar’s name is Aaron.

I hope he turns into a butterfly soon!!!!

Reported By: Kai Freeman

Popsicles by Lauren Hamblin

Did you know that Frank Epperson accidentally made the first Popsicle?Well that is what we're doing in 2mu! Our choices for flavors were orange juice apple juice and grape juice. And we froze them. And finally today May 20, 2016 we get to eat them! Now that 2mu has made homemade Popsicles maybe you can try it to!


This week in social studies and science. We have been reading a book in social studies.So we read this book about a person named Frank Epperson that's the guy who invented the Popsicle it was a really cool story I'll tell you so once he was making a drink and he put a stick in it.then he left it out on the porch all night and the temperature went down a lot and something distracted him and he went inside then he left his drink outside all night. And then the next morning he forgot all about his drink and he went back out on the porch and it froze and he pulled the stick out and the hole thing came out and he licked it and it was really good.Later on he called it it a epsicle then when he was an adult he called it a Popsicle.

By:Michael Mooney