Adventuring the unadventured by: Bailey Annin

What is ISFP?

ISFP is a personality type that are true artists. They enjoy upsetting the traditional expectations with experiments of beauty and behavior.

Sensitive to others.

Many ISFP's find themselves as sensitive to others. We can relate to other people's emotions, and we can help them establish good harmony.
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Many ISFP's are also very charming they tend to have a personality that is kind and warm, this makes them likable and popular.


ISFPs need to see and explore for themselves whether their ideas ring true. Work revolving around the sciences may seem a poor match for their traits, but a boldly artistic and humanistic vision is often exactly what research needs.
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ISFP personalities use creativity and insight to craft bold ideas that speak to people's hearts. This vivid imagination and exploratory spirit help ISFPs in unexpected ways.