Camp Ute

Partners: Aubrie, Julia, Nick, Nathan, Sam

Proposed Use of Ute Indian Reservation Land

Marker A: Base Camp/Office

We chose our Base Camp to be by Lewis Creek and the Canyon because it will be near all the activities. We don't want the campers to have to walk places more than a mile away.

Marker B: Hiking

We have 2 trails, a beginners trail and an experts trail. The beginners trail is called The Canyon, and its 2.5 miles long. We chose to put the Canyon trail by the canyons so that the hikers can see the wonderful views while walking a short distance. The experts trial is called The Woodlands trail, its about 5 miles long. We chose to put the Woodlands trail in the woods so the hikers can see wildlife and the beauty of nature.

Marker C: Rafting

The river is called Mancos River and the pick up and drop off locations are at the beginning and the end of the rafting course. We have off-road go carts that the campers can rent to drive themselves to the pickup locations.

Marker D: Fishing

Our location for fishing is in Johnson Canyon and goes up towards the other Canyons. The fishing area is only 3 miles long. We chose this spot because its the main river so there should be a lot of fish.