Special Effects Make Up Schools

Special Effects Make Up Schools – The Password for Success

Being a make up artist is not much different from being a painter. Make up artists often treat a face like canvas which comes alive with their touch. With growing facets of entertainment, different types of make up artists have been in demand. The special effects or FX make up has always been popular, but of late, with the progress of technology, this line of work has gained both popularity and exposure. There are various special effects make up schools for the new generation artists who would like to dabble in this field.

Unlike other kinds of make up, special effects is a technique which enhances or alters the physical feature of a person to make him/her look similar to the role. It could be as simple as painting realistic blood on face to a complex fantasy character makeover, special effects does it all!

A special effects make up course is not all about applying cosmetics, but about designing and creating prosthetics, airbrush techniques, teeth making, lifecasting and many more. The course provides the students a practical approach to make up, complete with creating prosthetic face, teeth and neck.

Here are a few benefits of taking a special effects make up course:

  • This is an advanced line of work that is becoming more prosperous by day since every other movie needs special effects make up.

  • In a competitive market like this, it is better to have more than just one skill for a make up artist, which sets him/her apart from others.

  • The role of a special effects make up artist is powerful and perhaps the most important in situations where transformation is the key to playing a character.

  • Other than movies and television, there are theme parks, specific events, specialized studios that look out for special effects make up artists, so there will never be a dearth of work.

You must possess:

  • A high school degree and a certification in special effects makeup
  • A knack for creation and make up
  • Patience
  • Great work ethics
  • Punctuality
  • Proper tools
  • Researching ability

Find special effects make up schools in your area and step into a world where being over the top is literally the key to success!

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