Domestic Violence

By: Jocelyn Smith


I want to examine the domestic violence against women and young teens because I believe that the topic is not looked upon and if it was we could stop it and help the young women who have already been through it . This is hurting young women and teens lives everyday . Domestic violence , sexual assault , and other forms of gender based violence deprive women and girls of their fundamental ability to live with dignity . Women and girls experience domestic violence and sexual assault at alarming rates .

True Stories

Here are some of the stories of the victims of domestic violence and the children who had to witness the horrible act . These names have been changed to keep their identity safe but that doesn't make the story not as hurtful

My Thoughts

I believe that people need to take this serious and make it stop and if you know people who are going through you need to help in anyway you can and be there to be their support system and help them learn that its never that fault and they shouldn't be scared to get out of the unstable place and do it before its too late .

Jocelyn Smith

I'm a high school student who thought this was a very serious topic and i know the people who go through it needs support and that's what i here for