Ms. Kang's Update


Instructional Coach

My name is Michelle Kang and I am the instructional coach and #TechLeader Innovator at Field Elementary School.

Dear Field Families...

February 5th

Please read below for a this week's updates.

Paper App (for 3rd-5th grade students)

If your child's teacher is not available to help with an assignment, students can access an online tutor to help answer questions on Math, Science, Social Studies, ELA, and even MLA. They can also submit essays for review.

To access this online tutor, you can find the TUTOR icon on your child's Clever page.

Once students log-on, they can ask a question here...

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Or they can connect with a tutor first and then ask questions.

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They can ask for Mandarin help here, but it may take some time to connect with a tutor who speaks Mandarin.

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The online tutor helps through chatting like text messages. They can also send files and draw pictures while working with the tutor.

This might be useful if students need to share:

  • A word problem (English/Mandarin)
  • A math problem too long to type
  • A reading passage (English/Mandarin)
  • Etc.

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Students can submit their essays for review and feedback here...

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Finally, if students need to receive help in another language, you can change it here.

Then you will be connected to a tutor who can speak the language you choose.
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