Find Right Travel Insurance Plan

How Do You Compare and Find the Right Travel Insurance Plan for You?

Have a worry-free vacation and apply for travel insurance now. Wouldn’t it be stressful to think about all the possibilities of losing the baggage or getting into an accident without being insured? Traveling is already expensive but seeking medical attention abroad can become expensive and worrisome.

There are many travel insurance plans out there and it’s hard to pick one randomly. Compare travel insurance and study them individually to get the best deal.

Here are some of the factors to consider before deciding on a travel insurance plan:


Travel Advantages

  • Premium
    The premium is how much a client pays for the coverage of the insurance plan. Some insurance companies would let insurant pay annually, biannually or monthly. In choosing the right travel plan, make sure that the premium stays within the budget. The premium should also be worth it when other benefits are compared.

  • Trip Interruption

Trip interruption means having to cancel the trip once you are already on it. This may be because of an illness or injury and you cannot go on anymore with the vacation. Usually, a medical certificate is required from a physician to get the full compensation of the trip interruption insurance.

  • Trip Delay Compensation

Each insurance company would have different prices on the compensation in case of a delayed trip due to certain events such as acts of terrorism or accidents. Be sure to compare and study the prices before attempting to avail of one travel insurance plan.

  • Trip Cancellation

This would include the amount that the insurance company can pay when a trip is cancelled due to some unforeseen circumstance. It may be because of accidents, illnesses or weather disturbances. Be sure to check on the conditions of the trip cancellation to get your money’s worth.

  • Baggage Delay Compensation
    Some companies would cover the expenses whenever the baggage doesn’t arrive in time while some don’t.

  • Lost Baggage

In case of stolen or lost baggage, the insurance companies have you covered. Check the conditions first because some companies require extensive documentations such as affidavit of loss and certification of loss from the airline company. Some insurance plans make people spend more before actually giving the compensation.

  • Identity Theft Help
    There are only few insurance plans which cover identity theft assistance. Some would only give tips on what to do while others can call credit reporting agencies to help you in case this happens.

Medical Benefits

  • Consult a Doctor

Some insurance plans offer free advice from US licensed doctors or from PPO. Through the website or phone call, the client can set an appointment to meet up with the doctor.

  • Emergency Medical Coverage

This is the amount of coverage that insurance companies offer in case the client needs immediate medical attention while traveling. Some plans have different coverage for both illnesses and accidents. It is best to take this dual type of plan.

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation

In case of emergencies such as accidents during travel, some insurance plans provide ambulatory care, immediate evacuation from the danger site and travel expenses for going back home after the evacuation.

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