Kingdom Animalia

By Jarrett Taylor and Ronny Veno

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What domain is the kingdom in?

Kingdom animalia is in the domain Eukarya.

What type of cells does the kingdom have?

The type of cells that the kingdom has would be classified as eukaryotes.

Do the organisms have cell walls in the kingdom?

The organisms in this kingdom do not have any cell walls.

Does your kingdom have multicellular or unicellular organisms?

This kingdom only is known to have multicellular organisms in it.

How do members in your kingdom get food?

The organisms in kingdom animalia obtain their food by feeding heterotrophically.

What are some examples of organisms in your kingdom?

Humans, cats, dogs, snakes, birds, horses and anything else that is an animal.

Interesting Facts

  • Kingdom animalia has over 2 million species in it
  • A sponge can be chopped in a blender and the cells will reattach into a lot of tiny sponges
  • If you could reproduce like a hydra, a miniature form of you would grow attached to your body until fully formed when it would then detach and start living independently