Diversity & Equity Newsletter

June 2022

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What is Loving Day?

Loving Day, named for Richard and Mildred Loving and celebrated on June 12 annually, commemorates the 1967 court victory for interracial marriage nationwide.

The couple was married in Washington DC in 1958 since interracial marriage between non-white and white people was illegal in Virginia, where they lived. Multiple states had laws that specifically banned marriage between black and white people, and some also banned interracial marriage between any race.

Richard and Mildred Loving were arrested in Virginia in 1958 for being married as an interracial couple. Their case, Loving v. Virginia, made it to the U.S. Supreme Court, where it was argued that Virginia's Racial Integrity Act of 1924 was enforced only to uphold racial separation.

The Court said that the freedom to marry is a fundamental constitutional right, and it decided that denying Americans of it on an arbitrary basis, such as race, was unconstitutional. On June 12, 1967, 9 years after their arrest, Mildred and Richard's case made all interracial marriage bans in the United States unenforceable.

Loving was one decision that was invoked during the Obergefell v. Hodges case, which led to same-sex marriages being legally recognized across the entire United States. Marriage for same-sex couples was ruled a constitutional right based on the same clauses and amendments cited in Loving v. Virginia!

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Interviews and Articles

We're being interviewed! Kay and Ev are being featured in an upcoming issue of NBOA Net Assets magazine. They are talking about diversity from a business office standpoint, and how to keep disability and neurodiversity in mind while talking about diversity.

Ev is also being interviewed for the same magazine about the importance of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) from the standpoint of an LGBTQ+ person in the business office.

Neurodiversity Employment Network

Neurodiversity Employment Network is hosting an in-person event from 9am - 12pm at Lincoln Financial Field. The event is open to all and it's free to attend. There will be a keynote panel, open networking time, and breakout sessions.

Ev, ASUA's Diversity and Equity Specialist, will be participating on the keynote panel and will join Kay, our Director of Business Operations, for a breakout session: Normalizing Need: Micro-Accommodations for a Healthier Workplace.

Register at this link to attend this free event!


NBOA's Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Panel

Join the National Business Officer’s Association (@NBOAnet) for a panel discussion on The Role of HR in DEI Initiatives. Our very own Kay and Ev will be panelists, talking about DEI initiatives at A Step Up Academy.
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Disability Pride Philly

Monday, June 6th, 1pm to Saturday, June 11th, 4pm

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Philadelphia, PA


Disability Pride PA is a non-profit organization started by disabled people in Pennsylvania which is intended to bring unity to the disabled community in our state and beyond. They host many fun events to help foster pride in a person's disabled identity!

The week of June 6-11 is the Disability Pride Philadelphia celebration! There are events all week long, which culminate in a parade and party on Saturday afternoon. All are welcome to attend!

For more information about the schedule and to register, click here:



The Diversity and Equity Committee will be hosting panel-style workshops featuring adults on the autism spectrum. Please fill out this form so we can see what topics and questions you might like to have covered during these sessions.

Diversity Terminology & Language Glossary

Check out the Diversity Terminology & Language Glossary for current terms and language used to talk about diversity topics. This document will be frequently updated to keep on top of the ever-changing conversations about language usage.

Diversity Suggestion Box

Do you have a topic or issue for the Diversity & Equity Committee to discuss? Have you found a resource, tool, etc you think would be beneficial to our goals? Do you have any questions or suggestions? This form is anonymous.

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