Rooney & Hassman's Tribune

Week of Mar 14- March 18

Another amazing author is coming to Horizon!

Students are going to get to meet Mr. Peter Lerangis, author of Seven Wonders Book 5: The Legend of the Rift.

"Follow the story of Jack McKinley in the mysterious, action-packed adventure series that takes place throughout the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Jack discovers a secret organization on a hidden island, and becomes the leader of a mission to retrieve seven lost magical orbs. As Jack and his three friends realize their lives are at stake, they have no choice but to accept the quest and embark on the challenge of their lives. Four friends. Seven Wonders. One goal."

He will be visiting Horizon on Wednesday, March 23rd. After the presentation, if time permits, he will be available to meet with individual students and autograph books.

Any questions, please let us know.

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March Madness DreamBox Challenge!

The March Madness DreamBox Challenge has begun!! Any time, at school or at home, spent on DreamBox this week will be logged. Remember, time spent on DreamBox on Sunday counts for round 3 as well. Stay tuned to find out who will win the coveted prize! The winner will be announced on Thursday, March 24th!

What is going on next week?

The week's schedule:

Monday, 3/21: Day 1 (Hassman- Art), (Rooney--PE)

Tuesday, 3/22: Day 2 (Hassman --Music and Spanish ), (Rooney -- PE and Spanish) Fraction Math Test

Wednesday, 3/23: Day 3 (Hassman -- Spanish and PE ), (Rooney -- Art and Library)

Thursday, 3/24: Day 4 (Hassman -- PE and Library ), (Rooney -- Music) March Madness Celebration!

Friday, 3/25 -- No School; Spring Break begins. Classes resume Monday, April 4th.

**Please remember, on days that students have Music class, they need to be sure they have their recorder at school. Mrs. R's class needs recorders this week Thursday and Friday.

---- From Mrs. Barootian: Students have 5-10 minutes of recorder practice each night that they should be recording on their calendar.

News, reminders, and more!

Fourth Grade Madison, WI Field Trip

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

8:30 a.m.– 3 p.m.

(downstairs classes--Hassman, Rooney, Palkowski, Swanson)

Cost: $20 per student

(Please pack a cold lunch and beverage)

Students will be visiting:

Wisconsin State Capitol

Wisconsin Historical Society

Babcock’s Creamery

We will return to Horizon around 3:00 p.m.

Students will be back in time to take the bus home.

Total cost: $20 - Permission slip and money due by Tuesday, April 5th, 2016.

Human Growth and Development permission slips

Please make sure you sign and return your student's permission slip for Health class in April. Be sure to indicate on the form if your child is or is not participating.

Thank you!

DreamBox Weekly Homework

Just a reminder that students should be completing 30 minutes of DreamBox a week at home. DreamBox challenges students where necessary while also supports them in concepts they may need to revisit. DreamBox is personalized to your student's needs and is a great resource!

Lunch choices

There has been a change for the lunch menu's. The students will no longer have the option of salads. No salads for students.

Just a reminder that those students who sign up to take a C or D lunch in the morning are expected to take that lunch choice at lunch. If they decided to take something else instead, they will be charged for two lunches ($2.40 per student lunch).

What's Going on in Fourth Grade?

Math: Students worked hard to understand a fraction as the sum of unit fractions, how to add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers with common denominators, and how to multiply a fraction by a whole number. Be sure to ask your student what they have found out about fractions. Students will demonstrate their understanding of all things fractions on the end of the unit test on this upcoming Tuesday.

Please continue to practice those math facts at home to keep them fresh in our minds!

Looking for a video on some of the strategies we work on in 4th grade? Please scroll to the bottom of this newsletter for the videos!

Science: Students applied their understanding of different forms of energy when experiencing an energy transfer experiment! Be sure to ask them all about it!

Reading & Writing:

This week students finished working on their essay related to a biography they read. As they were typing their essays, many students found a new app very helpful. It's a voice to text app that allowed students to finish their document a bit faster. Although it sped up the process, students realized quickly that they still needed to reread their work to make sure it made sense and was edited properly.

Up next, generating ideas for writing persuasive essays.

Students are also in the initial drafting stages of their poetry. They will be added these poems to the back of their nonfiction books.

Reading "home" notebooks

Next "check up" dates (please be sure notebooks are returned to school on these dates).

Students should have a minimum of 12 additional journal entries by this next due date. (This would make a total of sixteen if you include the first group of six the students did.)

Rooney section -- next check in 5/9/16

Hassman section -- next check in 5/9/16

Expectation for these red, home, Reading notebooks/journals:

*2-3 entries per week

*2-3 sentences for each entry

*Entries can focus on our Reading strategies -- making predictions, identifying character traits, making connections (text-text, text-self), etc. Each student should have a set of questions they can also use if they get stuck trying to figure out what to write about. Details and journal sample questions here:

Math Division Strategy Videos

Division Using Chunking
Rectangle Method for Division
Expanded Notation Method for Long Division

Math Multiplication Strategy Videos

Double Digit Multiplication Using the Area Model