"Story of the Peace Crane" Flier by Chetra Nou


In August of 1945 the atomic bombs were dropped onto the cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing 140,000 people. The explosions wiped out about 90% of the towns. Survivors were in the influence of radiation poisoning. The atomic bomb was then known as the "most cruel bomb" ever used.

Story of the Peace Crane

The crane was an inspiring symbol for the girl Sadako Sasaki. She was only two when the atomic bomb was dropped onto Hiroshima, but she grew up happily and healthily. But she got Leukemia and was sent to the hospital. At the hospital she heard a legend, "anyone who folds 1000 cranes is granted a wish." Sadako folded well over 1000 cranes before she died at the age of 12.

Now there is a "1000 Cranes of Hope Project," which you can make an online crane and sent it into the internet sky, where other people can read your crane. This website shows support of patients fighting against cancer.