This I my life and my wishes

Made by Mads Lund Nielsen

This is me ;-)

Hi! my name is Mads Lund Nielsen, I'm a young man, who is 16 right now, but I will be 17 years old the 19th February this year. I have nice family with a dog named Ludvig, a brother named Christian, a mom named Lene, who is living with my stepdad Henrik. At last there is my real dad named Per.

If you haven't already presumed that my parents are divorced, I'm going to tell you right now, that they are divorced and I think it's good for both of them to live separated from each other and it's good for them to meet new people fx now has my mom met my stepdad Henrik, and he is good for her and he is a nice man.

My mom and dads relationship is very good and it has always been that way. They talk about the problems instead of arguing like many other divorced parents do. I think maybe it's because they have been in a relationship with each other, since they were teenagers and in someway they still love each other even dough they can't live together.

Rigth now my life is very nice, I'm enjoying my new School called Odder Gymnasium. It is a danish high school, but it's not like the american ones. I'm also enjoying my new friends. I have always loved to meet new people, so i think it's pretty awesome to start at a new school.

But what about the new teachers, I most of them are great especially my english teacher! I think it's cool, that you can skip a lesson if you won't too, but I would never do in english, because it's just too awesome :-)

Now I'm going to show you some stuff, that I like to do or something i want to do in the future!

Three things you should know about me!

Here is somethings I like to do, when i'm not at school or at work

Three places I would like to visit

This is some places i would to visit on day

My dream job

Dream is to become a pro football commentator. I really want to know how it feels to be sitting in one of the biggest stadium in the whole wold during a Champions league final. I really want to feel the atmosphere in stadium during the match. Football is just a part of my life and it's is my dream

Three things I would like to do before I die!