CURRICULUMbytes Issue 3

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Website Spotlight

Mr. (Grades K-8) was developed with the idea that crucial concepts, themes, ideas, and fact sets taught in the classroom can be enhanced over the internet through interactivity. Furthermore, for teachers to have a reliable k -8 internet site to use in the computer lab or in the classroom, that likely covers one or many themes currently being taught. offers dozens of interactive games specifically designed to pinpoint one or several essential concepts taught in elementary years, and dozens of research themes designed to make the process of gathering information interactive and enjoyable., however, does not just present information, but in addition, provides numerous interactive activities to complement the presentation of interactive information.

Of particular interest may be the "Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions" for Kids section that provides numerous technology-enhanced comprehension passages at all grade levels 2-7. Click here to navigate directly to that page.

App of the Week

Common Core Math for Teachers by Front Row

Common Core Math For Teachers is "the only math program made for the iPad by teachers, for teachers." There are over 15,000 common core aligned questions covering all of K-8 math and all are graded automatically and given to students based upon their level - no writing worksheets, no grading, and differentiated teaching made easy. The app contains videos to assist students in building core skills, a diagnostic pre-test to establish a baseline, an adaptive engine that helps students with what they are struggling and collaborative features that motivate students to help each other. You can download the app from iTunes.

Instructional Tips

Cooperative Learning

Cooperative learning offers students the opportunity to work in small groups, each with differing levels of ability and using a variety of learning activities to improve their understanding of a subject and to accomplish shared goals. Based upon Dr. Marzano's recommendations, best classroom practice includes elements of cooperative learning (positive interdependence, face-to-face interaction, individual and group accountability and group processing), varied grouping criteria and managed group size. INFOhio has a good section with videos and resources to enhance understanding of this valuable instructional strategy. Click here to visit the site.
McREL - Classroom Instruction That Works (2nd Ed.) Cooperative Learning

Did You Know...

If you use Google Docs to create multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank quizzes for your students, you can use an add-on called "Flubaroo" to automatically grade them for you. It also can compute average assignment scores, compute average score per question, flag low-scoring questions, show a grade distribution graph, email students their grades and an answer key and send individualized feedback to each student. For more information, click here.

Additional Resources

Tech PD - Using Kahoot with Katie Powell

Tuesday, Dec. 9th, 3:30pm

Southmont Senior High School

Library Lab

Tech PD - Using Kahoot with Katie Powell

Wednesday, Dec. 10th, 3:30pm

Walnut Elementary School

Tech PD - Using Book Creator with LeeAnn Thompson

Thursday, Dec. 11th, 3:30pm

New Market Elementary School

Tech PD - Flipping the Classroom with Sarah Margeson

Tuesday, Dec. 16th, 3:30pm

Southmont Senior High School