Lydia B.

Daughter, Sister, Dancer

About me

I am 12 and i love to be active. I play sports like dance, gymnastics, track, soccer, and cross country. i am very flexible and i stretch everyday. i am short but its fun to be small because when i play games like hide and seek i can fit in small spaces and i can run pretty fast. i like to do back-handsprings and flips. I have 6 siblings. 2 brothers and 4 sisters. everyday me and my best friend, hannah, hang out and during the summer we like to go to the park, go swimming, run around with no shoes, and eat ice-cream. my parents are divorced. my whole family is pretty short but most of the time its fun to be small. i love school and learning new thing. if i get a bad grade i always freak out. whenever i watch a scary movie or hear scary stories i get so scared like I'm paranoid for the whole rest of the night. i always eat like a pig more than my friends and I'm still skinny but my mom says its because I'm still growing. i love to listen to music and make up dances with my friends. i like painting my nails. my favorite etcher i ever had was mrs. Blum, my fourth grade teacher.