Digital Content Curation

Pinterest & EduClipper

Are you addicted to Pinterest? Or just wondering what it's all about?

Have you thought about using Pinterest for professional reasons? Believe it or not, many educators are using Pinterest to curate digital content for their colleagues and students. Come learn how to use Pinterest for curating content and learn some very helpful Pinners and boards to follow!

Some "Pinterest"ing boards to follow...

Mrs. Malespina - These Boards are for the students and teachers of South Orange Middle School. You will find good websites, books, and much more. Also tons of Professional Development info! (Perfect example of digital content curation to both colleagues and students/patrons.)

Nikki D. Robertson - EdCampATL CoFounder, school librarian, seeks collaboration w/other librarians & educators ASLA Twitter Chat moderator #aslachat

Lisa Dabbs - At, I share my passion to support new & pre-service teachers. Founder of New Teacher Chat #ntchat. Blogger/Marketing Team @Edutopia. #CAedchat moderator & CA former Principal.

ITSE - The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) advances excellence in learning and teaching through innovative and effective uses of technology. We pin all things ed tech!

Eric Shininger - Principal at New Milford HS (NJ), author, speaker, NASSP Digital Principal Award recipient (2012), selected to NSBA's "20 to Watch" list in 2010 for technology leadership, Google Certified Teacher.

Erin Klein - I'm a second grade teacher in Michigan. I love finding fun ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. I enjoy blogging and traveling!

Vicki Davis - Best known as "Cool Cat Teacher" I'm a full time teacher and mom of 3. Things I love: using technology to inspire and transform kids and improve our world, organizing, reading, learning, laughing.

Richard Byrne - Teacher, Speaker, Advocate for technology in classrooms. Google Certified Teacher.


EduClipper is still relatively new among the digital content curation apps. It was created by a teacher, Adam Bellow, for teachers to use not only collaboratively with their colleagues but also with their students. It's a great curation tool, and a way to organize your links, annotate them, and also share them with others. It's a great alternative to Pinterest for the classroom.

So, will it be helpful?

Think about sitting down to a computer and you are searching for lesson plans on a topic... most people will search Google, (hopefully you would search ALEX), or even the newer/more collaborative tools like Claco. Even then you can be faced with sifting through dozens, if not hundreds of lesson plans to evaluate. If you could have an organized and annotated list of lesson plans/activities that was curated by a fellow educator or professional organization. Would the latter not be more helpful -- and less time consuming? Well, yes you say!

Content curation for students or colleagues....

Digital content curation can be used from a classroom teacher to an administrator. When you are curating content for your Pinterest followers, you are sifting through loads of information and websites to give your followers the best of the best.

Some ideas for use of digital content curation in the classroom:

  • Webquests
  • Websites to get students started on a research project -- especially at lower levels
  • Topic/Content guides - examples: Civil Rights Board, British Literature, Author boards

Some ideas for use of digital content curation in the library:

  • Recommendations for reading material - students can add a short synopsis as the description of the pin
  • Common Core materials for teachers in each content area
  • A collection of web resources for research papers by requested topics

Some ideas for use of digital content curation at the school/district level:

  • Suggested links for professional development resources/information
  • Book studies - links to web resources
  • Faculty Meetings - apps, links, information shared all in one place for faculty to access

Additional links to get you started...

About the Presenter

Cristin M Dillard is the library media specialist at Banks School in Banks, Alabama. Mrs. Dillard’s previous role as high school social studies teacher permeates itself into her current role of LMS serving K-8 students. Both roles have allowed her to incorporate technology in a variety of ways to help students have an authentic voice and creative outlet through such means as publishing podcasts, newspapers, and posters, all using the latest EdTech tools.