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The Swiss Army Knife

Who, When, And Why?

  • Karl Elsener (And His Co Workers)
  • 1884

  • Because The Swiss Army Needed A Pocket Knife With A Can Opener And A Screw Driver

What Is It?

The Swiss Army Knife Is...

  • A Pocket Knife With Multiple Gadgets
  1. Hand Blade, Reamer, Can-Opener, And A Screwdriver
  • A Survival Tool That Fits In Your Pocket

Interesting Fact!

  • The Largest Swiss Army Knife Was 11 Pounds! (314 Tools)
  • The First "Swiss Army Knife" Was Created In Germany! (Not Swiss)
  • They Got Their Name By American Soldiers Because They Could Not Pronounce 'Schweizer Offizer Messer'

  • The First Company To Make Swiss Army Knives

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