Container Home Project

By Stan Hall

Sclae plan

This site plan will give a brief size of each room and show where they are placed, there are no bedrooms on the first floor as they are all on the second floor. The Kitchen, living room, dining room, Garage, as well as a very small utility room between the living room and the garage. The extra room on the second floor may be used as an office, media room, or study as well.
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AutoCAD Drawings

Home Location and Reflection

I would like for my home to be located in Brazil, preferably a forest area as well. With the home being made to live 'off the grid', the forests in Brazil would be perfect, giving good lighting if placed right, a source of water, and over all I feel that it would be the best place to take advantage of the homes sustainable features.

During this project I think the most enjoyable parts of this was being able to sit and brainstorm over what all creative things and features could be implemented into the houses. On the other hand, while designing I found that the most enjoyable part was challenging yourself to make the home as small as possible. Although for the most difficult parts; that would have to be trying to fit everything together in such a compact home.

Stan Hall, Principles of arch. and construct, 7th period