Tragedy of September 11, 2001

Tyler Shanahan


On the day of September 11, 2001, approximately 3000 innocent men and women lost their lives in New York City. Four airplanes were hijacked and crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. One of the four planes crashed into a field located in Pennsylvania while on its way to the White House. These acts of terrorism have all been traced back to the head of Al-Qaeda-Osama Bin Laden.
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Media Portrayal 1

One large controversial topic that the media portrayed was the actions of George W. Bush. The media portrayed Bush as one of the main reasons 9/11 occurred. Because of many different articles, newspapers, and television shows, the president was put in a very bad position. He has been criticized of wanting war to gain power for our country. There is also video footage of his initial reaction to the tragedy. He didn't seemed very shocked and continued to read to a group of elementary school kids.
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Media Portrayal 2

Another issue that the media portrayed was the innocence of the Muslim population within the United States and those wanting to come to the United States. Ever since the attacks, the Muslim population has been looked at poorly. The media has caused the majority of Americans to be very cautious around any Muslim person. People are now scared to sit on an airplane with anyone wearing a headdress. The media has basically brainwashed all people into thinking that Muslims are terrorists.
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Media Bias

I have found that many of these articles I am reading are very biased. They are not just biased in the same way. I have seen both sides of the story, however; not one article has reported both sides. Everyone has their own opinion prior to any article or video they see. Once someone comes up with a good reasoning, it is covered so much that all other reasoning become obsolete.
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HIstorical Criticism

One of the most prominent criticisms would be historical criticism. There were many acts of terrorism many years prior to the Tragedy of 9/11 committed by the same organization. These events have shaped the opinions of the people and caused many strong feelings toward a certain side. People would not be thinking the same way if these events hadn't happened in the past.

Cultural Criticism

After the attacks, airports have increased security, people have quit traveling, and Muslims have been criticized. These events have changed the way people are living. People are still to this day haunted by theses attacks. They are still scared it will happen again each and every day. People will probably never be able to forget what happened the Tragedy of 9/11.
September 11 2001 As It Happened - CNN Live 8.40am - 10am