5th Grade News

For the Week of October 31st

Our theme this year is "Wolfpack Strong." We believe that learning and growing together is the key to our success. Strength lies in the pack, and we will remember this theme throughout the year as we work cooperatively to be successful!

Learning Objectives This Week


Identifying facts and opinions and writing non-fiction summaries

Wednesday: Read And Respond Expository Text (Minor)


Draft for my expository essay

Friday: Active and Passive Voice Assignment (Minor)


Solving problems using division of whole numbers and decimals

***Division Assessment on Wednesday, November 2*** (students can use Math Notebook to study)

Exploring fraction equivalency using concrete models


Design an experiment to test the force of an object

Review forms of energy

***Test November 8th over energy***

Social Studies

Discuss beliefs of Loyalists and Patriots

Monday: Summarize arguments for and against independence (Minor)

Wednesday: Loyalist and Patriots Assignment (Minor)


Homework is on Canvas. It is due on Friday, November 4th.

Homework is a completion grade the first semester.

Reading- See Canvas. It is under quizzes.

Math- See Canvas (under quizzes, but it's not really a quiz!). You must turn in a separate sheet of paper showing your work. Part of your homework now includes practicing your multiplication facts.

Science-See Canvas. It is under quizzes.

Information and News

Upcoming Events:

October 31 - Wear pink (no costumes today)

November 2 - Class Picture and Individual retakes

November 4 - Early dismissal

November 22 - Thankful Party

November 23-November 27 - Thanksgiving Holiday

Great Apps to Download

This is a great list of apps we use or will use at school this year:






Doodle Buddy


Lost and Found

If your child has lost something, please have them check the lost and found. Please make sure your child's name is on lunchboxes, water bottles, backpacks and jackets.

Project VOTE

Since this is an election year, Katy ISD will be having students in grades 3-12 participate in Project Vote. This will be a mock election. Our 5th graders will be able to complete their voter registration at school and participate in early voting. We will be talking about this and the election process as the election gets closer.

November Core Essential: Honor

Honor-Letting someone know you see how valuable they really are. The animal that represents courage is the narwhal. The color of the month is purple.

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