Raven Review

February 15-20, 2016

Good Evening RECHS,

There are just a few reminders for this short week.

Ahhhhh another snow day! Hopefully, the we will be free of any winter weather for the remainder of the week. Please update your Option 4 Form if you chose to make up your time. If you plan to use any other form of leave please email me by the end of the day tomorrow 2/16/16.

We will have a staff meeting tomorrow to 2/16 from 410-5:10 to discuss our AdvancED Visit in March.

Hope you enjoyed your Monday and let's get ready for a great week!


In other News...

  • Please update your data spreadsheet sent to you in the fall. If you need help please see Mrs. Scott or I for additional support. Your data spreadsheet should include your current students, interim report grade, EVAAS Assessment data and any interventions that had been completed up to this point. We will add Saturday Academy attendance on Monday February 22, 22016
  • If you have not done so complete the information about your NC License. All certified staff need to be sure they are registered in the new online licensure system. This is critical, especially for those on the regular five-year license renewal 6/30/16. In mid-April DPI will send an e-mail notice to all SPII staff with a license expiration date of6/30/16 to complete the Criminal Affidavit. (This is the letter I used to send out for you to sign and return to me.) Now you will do it online. This e-mail will only go to those who are registered in the new system, affiliated with our school system and have an SPII expiration date of 6/30/16. Once that is done, they will appear on the renewal list and I will check CEU's and do the renewals online just like in the past. If they aren't registered, they will have to pay the $55 to renew. Link to the document
  • Staff PLC meetings this week and next week will include information about Student Recruitment and the Interview process scheduled for March 19.
  • Save the Date: The ACT will be March 1st, 2016 in the CEIC building for all Juniors.

Saturday Academy

Saturday, Feb. 20th, 9am-12pm


The teachers who will be available will be:

  • Mrs. Bell
  • Mrs. Bryant
  • Mrs. Clapp
  • Mr. Culp
  • Mrs. Stone
  • Mrs. Wood

If you have work that you would like to leave, please place it in Mrs. Thompson's mailbox.

Thank you!