News Update

Mrs. McDermot's 1st Grade

What is going on in reading and writing?

We have been focusing on using all parts of the text to get the author's meaning: what information we get from illustrations and what information we get from the words. Ask your child about the book Roadside Oddities that we read together!

We have also be identifying words and phrases in poems that suggest feelings or appeal to the senses. For example: Our bus is a big bright, loud, bumpy, yellow box on wheels stuffed with kids. The students definitely had a reaction to that poem!!

We are also using sentence-level context as a clue to the meaning of a word or phrase. For example: What is a bantam? Do these sentences help: Some chickens are very small. They are called bantams. I am sure the context of the sentences helped you a great deal!

In writing we are using the writing process to improve our own writing. The students have each chosen their 'best' piece of writing to revise, edit, and then publish. Each day we spotlight one author and read his/her story. The readers have an opportunity to ask questions to get more details or to clarify ideas. The author can decide if he/she wants to add the new information or not. When all the details are set, we go through it to make sure we have SWAG (Starts with a capital. Written neatly. A space between each word. Given punctuation at the end.). After the piece is fixed up, the student can write the final draft in a structure of his/her choice. I am still deciding how I want the author to share and celebrate the published story and will keep you posted!

We can't forget about math!!

We are just beginning to investigate time and maneuvering around an analog clock. This is a brand new skill and may not be secure this year. All we can do is keep pointing out times in real life and supporting your child if any Home Links come home. It will come!! Perhaps an analog watch in the Christmas stocking???

We will also be starting our scrolls. This is an self-paced project writing number from zero to.... infinity?? Historically students love to try to get to 1,000 and then beyond. We celebrate these milestones through applause and cheering. I could use your help. If you have empty Pringles cans (the tall ones) and/or empty paper towel rolls, PLEASE SEND THEM IN!! They make excellent storage containers for our scrolls!

The Concert

The students did an AMAZING job at their concert this past week. They are true performers and so much fun to watch. Thank you for all your help getting them here and having them look so spiffy. It is always a joy to watch and they should be proud of their hard work and bravery getting up in front of such a large crowd!