Come to Ethiopia it's warm!


The country of Ethiopia is located in eastern Africa, west of Somalia.


Ethiopia has a rainy season from April through September. They have a pleasant warm climate. Depending on elevation some parts are relelitively cool, and some areas are more humid and warm.

Climate type

Ethiopia is a Tropical monsoon climate. It is warm and rainy, but it also has a winter dry season.

Physical Characteristics

The Great Rift Valley, and the Blue Nile Falls are located in Ethiopia. The Blue Nile Falls is a waterfall located in Northwest Ethiopia. The Great Rift Valley is a branch of the east African rift that runs through in the south-west direction of Ethiopia.


They're are many languages in Ethiopia but the most spoken ones are Oromo, Amharic, Somali, Pigrigna, and Sidamo. The most widely spoken one in the country is Oromo.


It is customary in Ethiopian culture to courtiously greet people. It is also normal for the elders to be greeted first when meeting a group of people. When people are meeting others of the opposite sex their is to be no touching involved. Also people are to be addressed by their honorific title and their first name, instead of just their first name.


Their is no eating beef in Ethiopia, they only eat certain meats and the rest are considered taboo. Also women are not to show any of their body when they are walking around in public.


The Rastafarian Movement is a counterculture located in Ethiopia. They started in Jamaica , this was brought into the country by the emperor of Ethiopia in the 1930's.


Some other cultures located in Ethiopia are Orthodox Christian, and Judaism. Other religions are accepted in Ethiopia but Muslim is the most widely practiced in the country.

Culture Landscape

The Arc of the Covenant, and the church of St.Marys of Zion are a couple of the religious monestaries located in Ethiopia. Their are many more in the country but those are a couple of the major ones.

Evidence of Cultural Diffusion

They are now a democratic based based government. This is diffusion because they are branching out from the way they used to govern their nation, and moving to the more popular form of government democracy.

Evidence of Cultural Change

They have recently elected a new Prime Minister. This was the first peaceful transition of power in decades. This shows that they are changing to a different form of government that is very different from what they used to have.



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