Marine Biologist

Chandler Whitelock

Job Description

A marine biologist is the scientific study of organisms in the ocean of other marine life.

Interacting with wildlife

Education Requirements

You will need the following:

-Bachelors degree in marine biology

-PHD's in the following courses:




•animal sciences



The salary for a marine biologist is $51,742 a year!

Where Can A Marine Biologist Work?

A marine biologist works in the wild, in molecular biology, labs, organizations, research programs, be marine doctors.

And example would be the SouthWest Fisheries Science Center.

Continuing Professional Development

Marine Biologist must attend:

•Scuba diving courses

• Assisting alongside professionals.

• Taking a biology class

• Spending a lot of time observing and diving.

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Why I find this career interesting

I find a marine biologist interesting because you get to work with marine life and experience things you would never get to experience in a normal life. You get to see the way marine life act and live and study them by behavior. And also studying organisms and discovering the way they work and live as well! Being in the ocean overall is the coolest!