Top 5 Movies Of 2013

By Leah Ridder

#5 Frozen

I like the movie Frozen because it was a funny and sweet movie. My favorite character was Olaf because he is the most entertaining.

#4 Monsters University

I like this movie because it's the sequel to Monsters Inc. and it has a good message. I really enjoyed it.

#3 The Croods

I like this movie because it shares the message of families and how they should treat each other and love each other no matter what moods or situations they are in.

#2 Despicable Me 2

This movie is a sequel to Despicable Me. I like this movie because it is very funny and entertaining. My favorite characters from this movie are the minions because they are very funny and silly.

#1 Catching Fire

This movie was made from the book series The Hunger Games. This is the second movie of the series. It was a very good movie. It was emotional and entertaining and had very good acting in it.