ICHK: Summer Fun

INSIGHT Magazine - Summer Fun Issue 9, June 2021

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Meet Our Team

Our amazing team has carefully crafted this edition which displays the wonderful and diverse talents of the ICHK community. The works range from articles to poetry, visual media and many more.

Our Guest Editors:

Anki Mak, Ben Ng, Damian Loh, Hillary Law, Megan Cheung, Peony Mak, Tony Kwok

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Letter From The Editors

For this term we have a new Insight magazine team with guest editors. The team has put together a new magazine for this summer. The articles range from Water Sports, Top 10 Superb Sleepover tips, Unknown Destinations and so much more.

We have worked to produce the magazine under the circumstances of COVID 19 restrictions. We are back at school and have been working together to complete the magazine, after a few delays from the year 11 exams. We are back on track and have worked tirelessly to ensure the magazine comes out before summer holidays.

Year 8.2's Recommended Media List

Year 8.2 has recommended some compelling media for you to enjoy over the summer when you are stuck at home. Recommendations include Youtubers, websites and video games.

Document modified by Damian Loh.

Read the recommendations here.

Water Sports

Check out Peony Mak’s water sport guide to beat the heat during the warm summer! Information about different types of water sports and recommendations for how to access them are included.

Read the piece here.

Restaurant Review - Shari Shari

Anki Mak in 10.1 visited the popular dessert spot, Shari Shari and an incredibly adorable cat cafe in Causeway Bay. She has written compelling reviews about them. Be sure to check them out before going out for a bite this summer! Click here!

ICHK Summer Playlist

Tony Kwok in 10.2 has compiled an exciting and fun summer playlist perfect for all your summer plans.

Check out his playlist here!

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Event Listing Calendar

Our temporarily retired Year 11 editors came back to provide a wonderful list of summer movies and summer events for everyone to enjoy over the break. Hopefully this list inspires you to go out more and try new things. Have a look!
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Cooking Corner

ICHK’s class of 2020 put together an exciting cookbook filled with their diverse recipes before graduating. Take a peek to be inspired for some summer cooking adventures!

Read the cookbook here!

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English teacher Ms Khine has recommended some excellent books for summer reading. These recommendations are for Y7-9 and Y10+, with something for everyone and descriptions for each.

Since most of us can't travel this summer, Ms Khine has picked diverse contemporary authors and experiences that students can reflect on.

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