9/11 Conspiracy or Terrorist attack

By Alex Meronk

Who? what? when? where? why?

On September 11, 2001 America experienced a devastating attack. On this day two planes had flown into the world trade center, and the Pentagon. There would have been another attack on the white house but the brave passengers were able to crash the plane into a open field before it got there. The terrorist group that was blamed for this is known as Al Qaeda.



The media portrayed this event in two was. One of the ways was the Terrorist attack, that Al Qaeda had hijacked four airplanes and successfully crashed three of them. The other way they covered it was that it was the government who had planned this event in order for bush to gain support from congress and the people to go over into the middle east.


The media had portrayed this event on how that station or newspaper thought what had happened. Since there wasn't much evidence, each media station speculated on what would bring in more money for the company


Historical criticism is used because we want to figure out why they did this and are trying to get to the bottom of it .
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