Clara Harlowe Barton

Find out what she did in the civil war! by: Gabi Lopez

Background on Clara

Clara was best known as a pioneer in the field of nursing and one of the founders of the american red cross. Clara was born on December 25, 1821,in North Oxford Massachusetts. She was the youngest of 5 children. As a child, Clara was home schooled until, she turned 15 and started teaching school. Around 1850, after teaching school for dozens of years, Clara decides to open the first free public school and become a principal. On the first day of school, Clara was disappointed that only 6 students came, but later on she had over 200 students. Then she built a new schoolhouse in the fall of 1853, unfortunately, a man was hired in her position of school principal for double the salary so Clara resigned. Reflecting from that expirence, Clara quoted "I may sometimes be willing to teach for nothing, but if paid at all, I shall never do a man's work for less that a man's pay." On April 12, 1912 Clara died at her home in Glen Echo, Maryland.

Clara and her interests

In her spare time, Clara would love to ride her horse, the horse that her brother, David Barton, taught her to ride. Clara was a vegetarian and she loved having pets, her first pet was a dog named Button. Overtime she developed an attraction to felines, she painted a portrait of her beloved cat, Tommy. Clara's favorite color was red and she never married anyone or had children in her entire life. Clara was against slavery, she believed in equal rights for all people, she agreed with many leaders from the women's right movement such as Susan B. Anthony. Clara was also friendly with many 19 century African-American leaders including Elizabeth Hyde Botume and Fredrick Douglas. One of her major accomplishments in life was teaching children and interesting them in new things. Clara and her parents attended the Universalist church in Oxford, Massachusetts,they believed in God and prayed. Another major accomplishment of Clara was founding the American Red Cross. since Clara was against slavery she worked as a nurse for the union.

Clara's life working for the civil war

  • April 1861- after a battle of many wounded soldiers, the soldiers came to Washington dc. Clara found them and helped them with her own supplies
  • July 1861- Clara was asking for some supplies for the wounded soldiers by putting up an ad in Worchester Spy. She got some really good responses. Then she put up a care center for the wounded.
  • august 9,1862- Clara went to her first battlefield to help the wounded, she spent two days and nights tending the wounded.
  • September 1862- when Clara was on the battlefield healing a wounded solider on the battlefield of Antietam, a stray bullet hit her sleeve on her dress. Luckily, Clara was fine but the bullet trespassed her and killed the wounded solider.
  • 1865- after a lot of soldiers go missing, Abraham Lincoln gives Clara permission to look for them. Clara established an office to look for the missing soldiers and ended up finding 22,000 lost soldiers.